Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Sunday Fun!!!

Yesterday after church we were invited to go over to Winter and Jesse's house for some food, fun and fellowship. After eating lunch and watching a movie, we headed outside for a bit of fun. The kids jumped in the blow up castle while Rodney, Jesse and Colby threw around a football.
Madi has so much fun with Rachel and at times I wonder if she views her as a bigger size doll to play with. Madi will just try to pick her up, hold her, hug her and give her kisses all the time. It's kind of funny.
Autumn took a break to attempt to play football, but really ended up getting tackled by Colby and then tackled and tickled by her daddy.
Rachel even thought she would give throwing around the ball a try.
Colby loves football and was having a good time running around with no shoes.
Poser! HA HA! What a hottie.
Autumn was having fun flipping off the slide of the jumping castle and rolling down it as well.
Here are the Kidergarteners to be. They found out this weekend they will be in the same class together. YEA!
Ms. Rachel, so cute and so much fun! She did all she could to stay standing while the bigger kids jumped and stay out from under their feet.
I love to watch boys tackle, jump, bump and roll all over each other. It's so funny how tough they thin they are and try to be.
My Ms. Madi, so sweet and having a blast.
Thank you Lawson crew for a fabulous afternoon of food, fun and!

Fun with BAZ (Grandma, my mom)....

Well, there aren't that many oictures from our time with my mom, but here are the few we did manage to get. I do have to say we had such a great visit with her that I simply didn't think to pick up the camera much at all. I can't wait for her next visit and for her to move here. She is thinking in the next year or 2 hopefully.
Madi was funny about my mom. She asks Rodney and I about her grandmas, often and she was very excited to see one of them. When we picked her up at the airport, all Madi could do was stare at her and smile. It was like she was just admiring that she was real, and actually here with us.
Of coarse, Colby was just so darn happy to have his Baz to hug on and vise versa.
We finally had a bit of sunny weather and Marlin Faust came and tilled us up a 10x10 plot for our first garden that was inspired by my mom. She bought us all the plants and seed, her and I sank in some posts, wrapped some chicken wire around and planted away. It was fun and I look forward to the growth and fruit anf veggies it will produce for our family. I hope we do it well so we can do it many years to come.
One of our projects as a family was to make a scare crow for our garden, so I give you Stanley our scare crow. Colby was funny cause when we were finished with him, he ran away pretending to be scared since his last name is Crow. He's got such a great sense of humor, wonder where he gets it!!!???
Rodney was excited for this because it was the part he had a chance to actually participate. I don't have pictures, but a few days after these, he actually participated more in helping me plant the corn and pumpkin seeds after the ground dried out more. Also, he wrapped our sprinkler hoses around the posts and tied them on to make our own little irrigation system. It's kind of funny (good idea but funny) because it looks so not the way it should be, but my goodness it works great.
We all came in and played many rounds of UNO. I never won a hand......bummer!

After church, we headed to the airport all together to drop off Baz. We were all sad to see her go and when we came home Daisy just looked at her bed and sagged her head with a sad look. My mom let her climb up on the air matress and lay with her which we NEVER let her on couches or beds, so yeah my mom even spoils the dog! We miss ya BAZ/MOM!!!!

More Mushrooms!!!

Ok, another post about mushrooms because, these are enormous for us. Rodney and the boys went mushroom hunting while the girls and I headed to the airport to pick up my mom. They found 3 of the biggest mushrooms we have ever found. It was exciting not only because of their size, but because my mom had the opportunity to experience the fabulous taste these bad boys have. YUM O as Rachel Ray would say!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer hair cuts

I took the girls on Wednesday to get their hair cut for summer. They were both a bit tired of having to have the tangles brushed out, so they were very willing to go short which is what we like to do for the summer. It is not so hot and so much easier.
Here is miss Autumn with her bob and a clip to keep the hair out of her face. I would have to shave her head to actually make it stay our of her face if it wasn't for clips and headbands. Autumn's bob is cute and sassy, much like her.
Miss Madi hasn't gone short before, but has been asking for a long time to go short like mommy. She didn't get to go as short as me, but her little bob is just so cute. I think it makes her big cheeks look even bigger. I love it em.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quick Quilt Update

In my last quilt post, I mentioned to keep an eye out for 2 particular quilts. Well if you read the post about the early anniversary, you will see the one I said was for a special man in my hubby's buck quilt and the one for oe of the special woman in my life has been postponed. However, this past week I put this together (it isn't quilted yet though). This is a birthday runner that was easy and so fun to do. I look forward to when I will have it completed and begin using it on our table for our birthday parties. This runner is so bright and fun, it makes you feel like your already at a party.
I have recently made 5 baby quilts as well for a good cause and will post those pictures at another time. I have a quilt in my mind already to start for Colby hopefully in time for birthday number 9. Summer may lend me the time since the running to schools will take a break!!!!! YAY!!!

Early Anniversary

Ok so Rodney and I will be celebrating 4 years of our marriage on Wednesday, here is the thing we just couldn't wait that long for gifts. Ok, I couldn't. After asking for clues and hints, Rodney said he would give it to me this morning. He went to the car and brought in my gift to give to me and how excited was I when I saw a bag from Victoria's Secret and a box from Zales in that bag. I got my favorite smelling lotion and body spray from Victoria's (Love Spell, YUM) and in the Zales box you ask......I got a beautiful white gold, Diamond and Sapphire cross necklace. I got girlie stuff which was his point. He said he wanted to get away from the techie gifts (although I have enjoyed those as well). Ok, after that I couldn't wait to give him his second gift, I had been barley able to make it this far. The first gift I got him was our membership to the new YMCA in Wabash. The second, well looking at the picture below you will wonder what it has to do with our anniversary. For those who may not know from previous posts, this is Rodney's first buck ever. I took this picture and duplicated it in the best way I know and love.....through fabric.
I enjoyed making this and actually was brought to tears a couple times while making it because I was getting so excited to give it to him. It's hard to see the fabrics, but my favorite two were the ones that sparked my desire to do this. The creamy boarder is a fabric with darker brown fish and cross emblems and the outer boarder it a leafy hunting camo. This was an opportunity to try new techniques and I had a blast doing it. He loves it too by the way and is claiming that we will be turning the AC way up this summer just so he can use it. We both did very well with our gifts, but what is better than that is the four years we have conquered together by the grace of God!!!!!