Sunday, December 20, 2009

Colby's Basketball '09

Colby played basketball for the first time and LOVED it. His team did very well and he did very well since he has never played. They won 4 out of 7 games and 2 of those losses were only by 1 point. I am very proud of him and enjoyed watching him play.

The "Hulk" is gone!....

So I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of the green beast/ Hulk of a heater we had before the guys took it totally apart, but here is what I did get of it....
This is some big ol part of it along with....

this heap of metal. So we went from this big, huge, green, old, beast of a monster that took up a pretty good area of our garage, to....
this much smaller, WAY more efficient not so loud and much more powerful lovely new furnace. It was a bit cold the day they installed it, but so worth it considering it will burn through our propane WAY more efficiently!

WHen handed Lemons, make Lemonaide....

So after having to miss church this morning due to a battle the girls and I are on and will have to continue for a few weeks or so, we decided to have a bit of fun of our own while the rest of the family was at Sunday school and church.

We got all dressed up for some snowy fun.

Madi again this year wanted so desperately to make a snowman from the first moment she saw snow on the ground the other morning. She actually didn't want to make a snowman, she wanted to make a snow princess and that's just what we did.

This snow princess is adorned with a pink fun foam tiara, a plastic play kitchen carrot, a stylin pair of strawberry shortcake gloves and one red scarf.
After wards, it was time for snow angel making. Autumn went a head first and then
Madi followed right behind.

While we were having a blast, Daisy was enjoying laying down in the snow and having us jsut in the area as company while she just went to town on her deer bone.
All in all, it was a very fun morning had by us gals in the snow.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The halls are decked!

The Saturday after Thanks Giving I went to do my annual church decorating which normally leaves me so tired that I don't want to come home and decorate my own home however this year I was ready to keep on going.
We got the tree up and this year we have a country tree all decked with natural ornaments, some choice themed ones and even....
a Bethleham barn star.
My little primitive house got a couple trees in front of it and a Santa just below it. I love this Santa as he is new and I made him just a couple weeks before we moved.
The top of the entertainment center holds out Nativity, some photos and hidden is a pine scented candle on a warmer for added ombiance.
The shelf above our couch just had a few mice added to it, a country Christmas sign, a peace sign and a little tree that holds all the "first" ornaments of my kids.
This is our snow flake which at the time was the only one around and the advent cabinet full of M&M's below.
We added our other count down to our shelf along with Mickey and Minnie.
I leaned my candy cane wreath against my stool with a plate for carrots for the reindeer and another country santa.
Then down in the living room is a light up wreath, our banister lined with greenery and lights with our stockings hanging from it. We also have a wreath on the front door and another jingle wreath on the inside on the garage door that comes into the living room.
We are quite pleased with hw decorated it is as well as cozy. No we are just counting down those days that to kids seem to be so long and in the mean time they seem to be goofing off......

Vintage isn't what I would use to describe this since it ages me, but I have no better word.....

I have let almost an entire year pass by and I could kick myself for it. My Oma gave me my dress she had my pictures taken in when I was 3 and I waited so anxiously to when the day would come and I could have Madi's picture taken in it and then life keeps on going and time flies by. Well about 2 weeks ago I let her wear it to church and finally decided to just snap the stinkin thing myself. So here is my cutie all beautiful in my dress and too close to turning 4. She's growin up so fast!

Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving in our new house! Truely thankful are we!!!!
The table is set....
the family is accupied while dinner is cooking...
Daisy gets her own plate....
Rodney felt not so great, but still managed to eat...
and the goof got frosting on the nose. I love big family holiday dinners, they are so fun!

Our first deer of the season

Ok first, Jen if you are reading this right after I am posting it, I'm so sorry since you are trying to cook with deer for your first time. :)
Well, Rodney got his first deer, a buck, a 4 pointer that was about a 1 1/2 year old which means GOOD meat! A few days later we headed to Rick and Debbie's to butcher our deer. This year we were a bit more hands on and Debbie directed so well. We spent about 4 hours and left with a hefty load of meat. Madi got a hold of the camera which is so exciting cause we actually got pictures that otherwise would not have happened.
The only picture I got was of Madi spending her time playing while we were butchering.
Rodney likes bringing the meat home but when it comes to butchering, he says he isn't so fond of.
Me on the other hand, I really get into it and don't worry about being too picky. It's a process for me and the deer from butcher to pan to my dinner table. YUM!
Here is the shot Madi took of the slab Debbie worked on for us, cutting our loins and butterflying them.
This is one of the legs and thighs that produces me my yummy roasts and ground deer. I know you don't read this Madi, but thanks for the pics baby girl!


I made this quite a while ago but couldn't post about it until I sent it to Theresa. I bought this fabric when I went on retreat up at Shipshewanna and used a pattern Winter had. I originally was going to make it for myself but as I begun to sew it together it was speaking Theresa's name to me and in my hobby I am a firm believer of my quilts telling me where or whom they will be going to. I so agree that this one was meant for Theresa. I was so excited that as normal I could wait no longer so I sent it to her a few weeks ago even though it was for Christmas.
And she loved it!

A couple things Autumn has been up to....

It's been quite a while since I have posted and I have a bit to catch up on. I figure I'll start up with a couple things Autumn has been up to. First she and her class had their Thanks Giving show and since this is Rodney's and my 3rd time seeing this show, we decided to make faces at Autumn and movements to go along with music. She was cracking up as were we.

Next thing she has been up to is, we signed her up for Girl Scouts and she has been enjoying it. One of their meetings they made ginger bread houses and I think they might have eaten as much as they put on their houses.