Thursday, May 17, 2012

A labor of love

I love my dad, I don't love hand sewing, but I sure love my dad! Because I love my dad and really wanted his Formula one racing t-shirt quilt to be extremely special, I chose to suck it up and I hand stitched around the different pictures in each shirt/block. It turned out not to be too bad and the quilt definitely turned out to be something I was proud to hand over to him. I had the pleasure of hand delivering it to him and it was a joyous time for me to see him with a grin from ear to ear. I was so worried of wether he'd like it and his smile said it all along with the big hug I got. :)

Spring break in Arizona

We were blessed to be able to go to Arizona for spring break and spend Easter at my parents house with egg hunt and huge family water fight (didn't get pics of that). We did lots of other fun stuff too.

A little something to say thank you.

Well, next week will mark the end of kindergarten for this family which means no more having Mrs. Early and Mrs. Davis. They have taught all 4 of my little ones and I have been so blessed to have them be my kid's teachers. As a little token of my appreciation for 4 separate years, Madi and i decided to make a note pad holder for both. I found the idea on Pinterest and it was simple as well as budget friendly. Just my kind of craft. :) I will miss these ladies so very much. Having had the opportunity to have helped them almost each week this school year, I kind of feel like I'm the one leaving kindergarten. They are amazing and we are so blessed to have crossed they're paths.