Friday, January 20, 2012

Trying to get along

Daisy hasn't been exactly thrilled that I brought home a puppy! After the first night of getting up with me every couple hours to let Roxi potty, daisy thought twice and stayed in bed the next night, who can blame her. Now Roxi has been trying and trying for weeks to snuggle up to Daisy, merely lay with in 5 inches of her and even play with her but daisy would have nothing of any of it. Daisy would get up and move or just leave the room. I had a talk with her about being kind of snobby but it didn't help. My picture below didn't load in the order I wanted so the last picture is from a couple day of getting Roxi. Notice the had in the picture trying to hold Daisy next to Roxi. Pathetic really :). Well the picture of them playing tug a war with the deer head was from earlier this week and the one with the rope was from this morning. They have played together all day today. I even caught them biting on the deer together and Roxi was laying down do Daisy as she was tugging, pulled Roxi around the family room. Very funny and cute. Daisy still won't let Roxi cuddle or lay with in 2 feet of her but it's nice to see my girls getting along better.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Madi turns 6!

Saturday was Madi's birthday, a day she's been looking forward to since April when she found out she couldn't play laser tag with Grandpa Rob, her daddy and I as well as her brothers and sisters. 6 was the magic age you had to be so since that day she's been in pure anticipation to reach such a privileged age. Well, the day came and at 4AM she got sick. :( She spent her 6th birthday fighting a stomach bug. She was so sad that her day had come and she was sick. I don't blame her! Well, her taco dinner and Jessie cake got put on hold since non of it sounded good and she really couldn't eat anyhow. Sunday afternoon she was feeling quite a bit better and asked if we could celebrate and do we did. She still couldn't eat much but enjoyed what little she had.
Once again, another year older and my baby is stepping further away from being a baby. This makes me sad still, especially with starting school. I do however enjoy watching her bloom. I love to see her mind expand, she so smart its exciting. I enjoy seeing her littler sense of humor develop, especially when she pulling her daddy's leg. All in all even though I long for the days of having her at home, I look forward to seeing God's plan for her unfold.
Love you my sweet baby girl!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A few things from Christmas break

Over Christmas break we made a ginger bread house together, made and decorated ginger bread cookies.
Then we played a trick on the kids. They've been naughty lately do I told them coal and sticks was what they were getting in their stockings. Well Christmas eve day, we let them get into their stockings and what did they find but sticks, coal and a bath scrubby to clean up their act. :) Dakotah the whole time told me it would never happen and his look was priceless. He looked at me like "oh snap, she wasn't joking and this totally stinks!". Madi threw her coal and asked why she got it cause she hadn't been bad which was true but still had to include her in the joke. They enjoyed their coal gum and wondered the rest of the day if they would get any more in their stocking to go through in the morning, that was better than what they just found. It's so fun being parents.

A few of my biggest cheerleaders

My kiddos praised me so much and cheered me on during my hunting season and when I got my buck, it was even more of a cheer coming from them. They were all do excited not only for me but to see a buck in the back of big blue (our truck) again. They were all also so ready to have their own picture taken with momma's trophy.

The results of my first hunting season.

The last night of shot gun season Colby and I went out hunting and with only about 10 minutes to go we saw 20 deer come out about 350 yds away. I told Colby to enjoy seeing them cause that was it. With that I turned to look at him as I was finishing what I was saying a spotted a deer out the other side of the barn we were in. I told Colby not to move but he was in my way to get into position to shoot so I told him to move but slowly and quietly. With that he moved and plugged his ears, he knew what it was coming to. I got into position and took my shot. After shooting, I saw my deer jump and kick hard before running off. Colby and I headed next door to our church, sat through evening service and then Rodney, Colby and I headed out to find my deer and that we did. I was thrilled when we found it right where I told Rodney it ran too.
Now after much more hunting with my husband and not having much chance at anymore shots, Colby and I headed back to the barn for the entire last week of muzzleloader season. Well, I had one chance on a buck but felt he was too far however Rodney got a doe that night. Then I took a shot at a doe but missed (she was a lot further than I had thought). Well, it came down to the last night of muzzleloader season, of my first hunting season. Colby and I see a buck come out with 10 minutes left but at 350 yds. Again, enjoy it cause it basically over (that's what I told Colby) with that, again I turn to him and what happens but I see a deer in the same spot I saw my first one only this time I lean forward to see if there's more with this one and there was 2 more. I told Colby I was going to the back of the barn (closer shot) to go tag one of these deer. I get back there and choose the biggest one which I thought was a doe. It was that time of night (dusk) when it's hard to see clearly. I crouch down and half way through, it pops its head up so I freeze and look away. After holding my position and my legs burning for a minute, the deer puts its head back down to eat. I finish getting into position and fuss with the scope and getting it into my cross hairs. After I get it, I take a breath, let it out slowly and at the bottom of my breath I pull the trigger but at the same nano second I pull, the deer pops its head up again and it dawns on me that I just saw a rack! It run like they do and I watch where it goes till I can't see anymore. Then I turn to Colby and tell him it's a buck then I proceed to cry! I cant believe I could have just got my buck!!!! After an hour of tracking and frustration, loosing blood trails, doing circles, etc. we find my deer and he is beautiful! I squeal with utter excitement and can't believe it really happened, I really got my buck in the last 2 minutes of my first hunting season.
I am do thrilled to have had a season like I have and to have had so much time with 2 of my favorite men, my hubby and my first born. Next year I'm hoping he tags his first deer and that I'm there with him like he was with me for both of mine. :)

Halloween Fun

The pictures of the food were from our Halloween/Autumns birthday party with the Lawson's. It was a fun time!
Then Papa came to visit us for a week in October and happened to be with us for Halloween. He dressed up with us and went out trick or treating. The pumpkins this year rocked! The owl was Madi's, buck was Colby's, storm trooper was Dakotah's, the cat Autumns and the basic pumpkin was mine.