Friday, December 30, 2011

Bathroom redo before

After being in the house almost two years and really just choosing to decorate the upstairs bath in a rushed time frame when we were moving, I decided it needed a redo. Rodney and I tossed around some ideas and he knows I like country/primitive and we happened to stumble across some out house theme bathroom stuff and Rodney loved that theme so I went hunting for stuff to go along with that. It called for a trip to two of my fav stores, kitchens plus and treasured dreams cottage. I love how it turned out and it feels so cozy and actually fits in with the rest of our house now. The shelf above the toilet actually has some super cute accessories like a rusty lantern, some stars, a canning jar with an old candle in it and some berry wreaths. It matches a lot of the items in the boarder. I also added a wall sticker on one wall that lists some bathroom rules. Love it!

Dakotah the Weeblo

Dakotah joined scouts this year and has really been enjoying it. This is his first awards evening and it was fun to go and cheer him on as he received the awards he earned. He even got to have his dad present one of his badges to him.

Our first year hunting

This is mine and Colby's first year hunting. Colby wasn't able to get a shot but next year he will. I enjoyed a lot of time with my husband in a tree stand.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Colby's 11

I can't believe my first born turned 11! Time flies by way too fast! Well with 11 he decided he wanted a hunting cake and he wanted to put it together so I laid down the frosting base/grass and he piped a river (filled in lines I drew for him) then places his hunting figures. I think it turned out great.
He was excited to receive a new big bike from his dad and stepmom for his birthday since this year we let him ride to school. He was so funny the first morning he took off for school on it and rode like he was the "hot stuff" of the neighborhood. What a boy :)!

Madi's first field trip

Well as we know, Madi started kindergarten and it was rough on the two of us till I started volunteering in her classroom once a week and we got to go on her first field trip together.
We went to the apple orchard and had a fabulous time. I look forward to many more filed trips with her and now with my other monkeys too.

Colby and the colts 2011

Well, another year of Colby playing football and I have to say his game has improved dramatically. When he started football years ago he had dreams of being quarter back but as the years have gone on he has had short spurts of quarterbacking and it's just not his thing. This year his coach decided he would work the whole season turning Colby into a defensive end and Colby took the challenge and ended the season with some "jump out of your chair exciting" tackles. It was exhilarating to watch him. Although they never won a game it was still exciting.


Bre turned 15 this year and we celebrated the best way our family does, swimming in the pond and fishing along with some really good food.
I've been blessed to watch this young lady grow over the last 8 year and blossom. I look forward to seeing all God had in store for her.

World Pulse Festival 2011

We made it to WPF this year and what an adventure. We got to enjoy Group 1 Crew and Third Day but just before the News Boys were to come on stage a big storm rolled in and they sent everyone to their cars where we hung out. We checked weather on our phones, chatted and Colby played frisbee with Madelyn. All in all the concert canceled without the last act going on stage but better to be safe than sorry. It was a great day and I was excited to take Colby for his first time.

Friday, December 23, 2011

First day of school

This is the year Madi started school. She as super excited to go and a tad but nervous. Mommy was excited for her and beyond that, not a happy camper. Rodney worked from home that day for moral support. I needed it! After she said bye and went to class, I bawled like a baby. He took me to lunch, I cried some more. I so anticipated the bus coming home that day. It took probably about a week until Madi had a little melt down about not being home anymore (I wasn't about to tell her I've been melting down all week). It took me about 2 weeks before I felt "stable" again. After 11 years of being home with a kiddo, this was a tough adjustment.
Now I go help in her class every Wednesday and it's the highlight of my week. We both still have rough times of being apart but we are doing better.

Thanks to my sister CJ, I can blog on my phone!

So I went to check Facebook this morning and my sister had comment on my picture last night and then asked if I had downloaded the blogger app. "What! There's a blogger app? Are you serious?!?" Yep, there sure is and I'm excited about it since I've slowed down blogging cause my pics are on my phone. This is going to rock!