Friday, December 30, 2011

Bathroom redo before

After being in the house almost two years and really just choosing to decorate the upstairs bath in a rushed time frame when we were moving, I decided it needed a redo. Rodney and I tossed around some ideas and he knows I like country/primitive and we happened to stumble across some out house theme bathroom stuff and Rodney loved that theme so I went hunting for stuff to go along with that. It called for a trip to two of my fav stores, kitchens plus and treasured dreams cottage. I love how it turned out and it feels so cozy and actually fits in with the rest of our house now. The shelf above the toilet actually has some super cute accessories like a rusty lantern, some stars, a canning jar with an old candle in it and some berry wreaths. It matches a lot of the items in the boarder. I also added a wall sticker on one wall that lists some bathroom rules. Love it!

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