Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dakotah turns double digits

I can't believe he's 10! I forgot what his dinner choice was but he got Mountain Dew cupcakes which were dangerously yummy!!!!
He got a brand new grown up fishing pole and a bunch of tackle to fill up his tackle box he got for Christmas.

My dream came true, we got chickens, and a turkey!

I didn't think it would happen this year, again and then out of what seemed like no where we dove in and made it happen. After putting in some hours on our red shed which is now the coop and brooding chicks in an aquarium, we have a full blown hen house going with a fun flock of gals. Everyone is much bigger now than the pictures in this post so I'll post updated ones later.

Where's Madi?

So one night I was wondering where Madi was and the kids told me she was down stairs watching a movie. I went to look at her to find her and I found a sight, thats for sure. :)

Presidents day weekend fun

Well, with the lack of snow this year, we had built in snow days that equaled days off for us this year. One of those days was presidents day and as long as we get that day off, we try to head to the Indianapolis children's museum for their free day. That always works well with having a family of 7! Well, we started out fun a day early and went to see Star Wars in 3D, which was very fun. Monday we packed up lunches, packed up the van and headed south. We had a very full day at the museum enjoying many things. Afterwards we headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner (a very big treat for us). It was a great day!

Project from Shipshewanna craft retreat 2012

I went with my friends up to Shipshewanna for their annual craft retreat. We have so much fun and this year we had matching jammies. I wish I had pictures of it but I still need to get them from my gal Winter. I got lots done as usual but not as much as I had wanted to. I managed to quilt a very large quilt (not pictured), a sewing machine cover for my machine and one for Autumn's machine. I also made a bible cover for my bible, a fabric checker board that holds the pieces in it and rolls up so it's compact. I quilted my zig zag quilt I pieced up there last year, and made my valentines and January/snow men table runners. I love having that weekend to see almost nonstop (stopping only for food, shopping and very minimal sleep).