Friday, June 22, 2012

Our first egg!

My excited boy went out to check for eggs this morning (we take turns checking since we've been so excited waiting) and he came back in with what I thought was our fake egg to try and trick me (he's got that kind of personality). He was for real. We are so excited and besides our selves. Can't wait till the others follow along.
Our first egg later went into a batch of cookies and ended up being a double yolk egg. :) Also our second egg came this evening!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

5K 2012

Colby was the only one in our family who participated in the 5K this year. He did great! He fell at one point during the race, picked himself up and kept on truckin. I'm so proud of him. He came in 2:27mins faster than last year with a time of 24:17. He placed 3rd in his age division for boys. He inspires me!

Friday, June 15, 2012

La Fontaine days are here....

We started our rummage sailing :) at 8:30 this morning and came home with lots of goodies! Rodney was in town this year so he got to tag along. Yay!!!!

Outside pillows

Love what you can find on pinterest! I got a cute table cloth at Joann's 60% off and was able to make 3 outside pillows for my swing and rocker. They're great and won't get wet since they're a table cloth and the water rolls right off.

Homemade donuts = the best donuts in the world (according to my kids)

Yummy! With a powdered sugar glaze on top, my kids have dubbed them the best and claimed we should never go back.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Simple beauties and pleasures

We looked out back this afternoon to find a doe roaming our yard. What a beauty and I was able to sneak outside with her. Fresh brewed iced tea with mint and lemon balm from the herb garden in it. YUM!!! My sweet country girl helped me in the garden today harvesting beans.

Sponge balls call for a water fight

Another pin was sponge balls. So far the kids are enjoying launching these things at each other and the nice thing is they can throw them a few times before needing to dunk them again. I also stopped at the dollar tree to pick up some water blasters. These two items and four kids (one with a bagged up hand) equals a serious water fight.

Our garden 2012

We just might make it growing a garden this year. The ground was good for it but the drought isn't helpful. This year Rodney built me an herb garden right next to the chicken coop which we're growing strawberries in too. I love it! Also this year I'm attempting shallots, garlic and cucumbers in pots along with my normal tomatoes.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Four generations of beautiful goof balls

Freedom for the hens

This week marks my older girls reaching 16 weeks which means they could start to lay eggs any time. My 3 little girls and turkey are 13 weeks old. I decided this week to let them stretch their boundaries some and I opened the run door to let them roam the yard. The first evening we did this it was so much fun, kids running from chickens and turkey, chickens and turkey running from kids and Daisy leashed up just to dream of chasing them all. The next day I let daisy off the leash but stuck by her like a warden. She's stopped at them a few times teasing them that she's going to get them and given the opportunity to be left alone with them I'm pretty sure she actually would. They are having a great time eating weeds and bugs and pushing their distance almost to the front yard, over by the kids swing set and to the back door. We have to watch the turkey close when she gets into the garden though cause she goes crazy eating everything.

Golden graham treats/ spin off of rice krispies

These are super yummy, a s'more without the fire if you will. This was our snack for today after making bouncy balls and I got many thumbs up for these. I think these will become a common treat in our house hold.

Homemade bouncy balls = Kind of a let down.

Ok, so today we made homemade bouncy balls.....they sure don't bounce like we had in mind. Fun to watch the process but the bounce is very disappointing. Oh well, can't win them all.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glow in the dark slime goo

This was a fun craft! Who knew mixing up a few common ingredients would turn into something so cool?! You make one mixture, make another mixture then mix those two together and watch it start to form and get sticky. More mixing takes out some of the stickiness and it is so awesome! I haven't seen it glow in the dark yet but Dakotah says its cool.
Next up is homemade bouncy balls.

Monday, June 11, 2012

First craft at home of the summer

This week starts our theme weeks and this weeks theme is "Pinterest week". We will be doing and making many of the pins I've pinned the last few months in anticipation of summer. Today after our free movie in town, we made marshmallow shooters. The kids are having a blast shooting each other with mini mallows and trying to shoot them on top of the roof.
I'm loving the sound of goofy, ornery giggles streaming through our yard right now. :)

The ivory soap in the microwave pin....

We did it! We actually braved cutting up a bar of ivory into fourths then putting all the pieces together on a plate in the microwave. The kids were in awe as they watched the bar grow. After it was done and cooled for a minute, we took it out and put it in a bowl to be displayed on their bathroom counter where they can break off a tiny piece to wash their hands. This immediately sparked the desire to do exactly that for Madi. :)