Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My baby girl's first hair cut!!!

So here is my baby girl, almost 3 and finally getting her hair cut for the first time. Why has it taken so long, some may ask. Well, she had such adorable curls for the longest time once her hair finally grew out. I would like to have been there to see her reaction, but I had things to do and couldn't put it off any longer. It was time and I was done making excuses. She needed it evened up desperately. Her daddy took her to a lady (Sara) that does both his and my hair. Sara does a fantastic job and with Madi it isn't any different.
Peek a boo. She looks so serious and yet she was very excited. Apparently she was very quiet during the whole process, but as soon as she got in the car she was quite different and so excited for Mommy to see her hair. She continued to tell her daddy how mommy was going to love her new hair cut because she loved it so much. She even got the treatment of having her hair styled like mommy does when she has her hair done. I used the straightener on her before church this last Sunday and she wasn't sure about it, but her and I talked after her trip to see Sara and she was excited to tell me how Sara used the same thing on her hair that I did. As soon as I saw her for the first time, she ran up to me and while she was running her hand through her hair she asked if I loved her new hair cut. How adorable is she!!!! Oh my, she is beautiful and such a blessing and she is growing up way to fast for me. My baby will be 3 in a little over a month. That is unbelievable at times and I just want it to slow down. She will not cooperate and slow down, not one bit!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Whoa baby, I mean buck!!!!

Lookie here....... My man got his first ever buck! Not only did he get a buck, but from what I am hearing from veteran hunters, he got a big, nice buck for his first one ever. I even heard it was going to be a hard one to follow. WOW!!!! This thing is huge! I am looking forward to him filling up my freezer and then my belly. The kids are so excited. We took Colby and Dakotah with us to gut and hang it. They think it is so cool. Colby is very into the hunting thing since his dad chose to do it this year. He is asking for a gun for Christmas already. He has the fever!!!!

"Big Blue" (our truck's name) has sure became a true country girl. For three years now she has been out loading cut wood and now she has been exposed to hunting. It's funny too, because when Rodney loaded his first deer in the truck the other day he commented on how the deer was bleeding in his truck. I replied with "that's what trucks are made for and she's a country truck now".
This has been such an experience for the whole family. Even Madi is asking for a gun, a pink one so she can hunt with her daddy. God has blessed us for sure not only with the opportunity, but with the food. Also a bit of family excitement and a family happy dance!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Season of Sickness

I won't be posting any pictures since I am sure you wouldn't enjoy seeing pictures of a sicko family. It is only the beginning of the chilly time of year and everyone in this family has had something in the last 4 weeks. Some have had it worse than others and Rodney has had his the longest so far. I seem to be trailing not too far behind him though. His would have to be the most serious I believe since his doctor told him he was about 1 week away from Pneumonia. Goodness. Needless to say I am tired of hearing coughing from every corner of our house (especially since I seem to be the one who is coughing the most now). We have gone through our fare share of tissues, Tylenol, cough medicines, cough drops and warm things to drink. Colby took the day off from school on Friday for his aches and runny nose, Rodney has been home off and on through the last two weeks, Autumn has stayed home about 2 Mondays in a row for recovery from being sick the last two weekends. Dakotah seems to be the only one who has had touches of it here and there and has been able to keep on trucking. I hope this will leave our family this week. We are ready to be back to feeling good, going to church and getting ready to enjoy some cold weather play especially when it snows. Prayers would be so appreciated and cherished. From my family to yours, we wish really good health among you in this season of sickness.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun & Treats

Here is our Jedi, Mr. Anakin Skywalker...... our fairy princess..........

our little ladybug............................ our #1 Notre Dame fan...................

the kids with their "wigged out mom" & last but not least the "sick dad".

Seriously, I decided I wanted to dress up with the kids like 10 minutes before we were going to leave. I had Dalmatian ears on and was going to put on my tail when I decided to go in a whole other direction. I thought this was more fitting. Rodney really was sick and loading up with Vicks before we left and didn't really feel all that well. He got better as the night went on and he got more fresh air (but he woke up this morning right back to not feeling at all that great). We had a blast. We stopped by Southwood High for trunk-or-treat, then headed to Marion to trick-or-treat in John and Jaque's neighborhood and to stop and see them. We maybe stopped at 15 car trunks and maybe 10-15 houses and I am not kidding their bags were so heavy! Look at all the loot. Of coarse mom had to go through it when we got home and there is a searching fee for that! YUM!!!!! Well, I don't have to buy treats for them till Christmas. I hope everyone enjoyed their evening either trick-or-treating or handing out candy.