Friday, November 21, 2008

Whoa baby, I mean buck!!!!

Lookie here....... My man got his first ever buck! Not only did he get a buck, but from what I am hearing from veteran hunters, he got a big, nice buck for his first one ever. I even heard it was going to be a hard one to follow. WOW!!!! This thing is huge! I am looking forward to him filling up my freezer and then my belly. The kids are so excited. We took Colby and Dakotah with us to gut and hang it. They think it is so cool. Colby is very into the hunting thing since his dad chose to do it this year. He is asking for a gun for Christmas already. He has the fever!!!!

"Big Blue" (our truck's name) has sure became a true country girl. For three years now she has been out loading cut wood and now she has been exposed to hunting. It's funny too, because when Rodney loaded his first deer in the truck the other day he commented on how the deer was bleeding in his truck. I replied with "that's what trucks are made for and she's a country truck now".
This has been such an experience for the whole family. Even Madi is asking for a gun, a pink one so she can hunt with her daddy. God has blessed us for sure not only with the opportunity, but with the food. Also a bit of family excitement and a family happy dance!!!!!!!


Winter said...

Congrats far as dead deer go its a beauty!! It cracks me up about Madi what a girl!!

Melynda Hache' said...