Sunday, November 9, 2008

Season of Sickness

I won't be posting any pictures since I am sure you wouldn't enjoy seeing pictures of a sicko family. It is only the beginning of the chilly time of year and everyone in this family has had something in the last 4 weeks. Some have had it worse than others and Rodney has had his the longest so far. I seem to be trailing not too far behind him though. His would have to be the most serious I believe since his doctor told him he was about 1 week away from Pneumonia. Goodness. Needless to say I am tired of hearing coughing from every corner of our house (especially since I seem to be the one who is coughing the most now). We have gone through our fare share of tissues, Tylenol, cough medicines, cough drops and warm things to drink. Colby took the day off from school on Friday for his aches and runny nose, Rodney has been home off and on through the last two weeks, Autumn has stayed home about 2 Mondays in a row for recovery from being sick the last two weekends. Dakotah seems to be the only one who has had touches of it here and there and has been able to keep on trucking. I hope this will leave our family this week. We are ready to be back to feeling good, going to church and getting ready to enjoy some cold weather play especially when it snows. Prayers would be so appreciated and cherished. From my family to yours, we wish really good health among you in this season of sickness.


Winter said...

Yes get well sooooon WE MISS YOU!!! Are you going to mops this week? When everyone is feeling well again we will have to have dinner and movie night!

Melynda Hache' said...

I've never seen your blog before!!! I miss you and Colby tons. Give him huge hugs for me please!!! Love you guys!!!