Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

November 9th Daisy turned 2! We have had her for 2 years come this Christmas and she is such a great addition to our family. She has been an amazing dog and really just another one of the kids. She got a new tire toy and some pig's ears which are her favorite as well as a bag of treat and a cookie jar for those treats.
She has been struggling a bit with this whole moving thing. At first she had to spend long days in her kennel and then we brought her over to this new house while we would work, then if I left the old house she wouldn't kennel making me think that she thought we were going to leave her. Now that we are staying at the new house she seems a bit depressed. I think she, just like the rest of us is still trying to adjust. She took a trip with Rodney last night to the old house for a truck load and I guess she went on an adventure into the forest and would respond the Rodney leaving him to begin to worry she would never come back. Thankfully she did after some very persistent and loud calling for her.
I look forward to the many more years with her we have as well as introducing a new puppy to her in the next year or so.

House Pics part 1

Ok, we got our internet hooked up at the new house and it's faster, so I'm trying it out with blogger. I have a few pictures but unfortunately forgot to take befores and the listing isn't on the realty website any more for me to get the before pics.
This is a work in progress picture of the kid's bathroom. The hanging light has to go cause I could imagine walking in when the kids are supposed to be brushing teeth and find one hanging from it. :)
Before I painted it "Shallow Pond" blue, it was a very dark burnt brick color. Made it feel so much smaller than what it is.
Ok, notice the light is gone! There is now a green one that was in the kitchen mounted to the ceiling. Much better and goes with the frog theme of the room. I have yet to get the cabinet doors back on, still painting them.

On the opposite side of this picture the girls hang their towels and robes on a cute little hook too and there is a towel bar for hand towels.

Now, right across the landing from the bathroom is the boy's room. We haven't done anything to this room except fill it and install and ceiling fan/light fixture because there was nothing in their room for light, oh and rip up the carpet.Here is looking in their door.
They actually have so much more room than they did at the old house and they love it. Dakotah sleeps on bottom and Colby on top. The screen is off the window and leaning there in the pic cause we are blowing insulation into the attic from their room this evening.
Here is looking across from their bed, hopefully that dresser will stay that clean on top. ;)

Right next door to the boys is the girl's room. They have tons more room as well and actually more than the boys but, they need it! They actually play in their room and the boys play around the house or outside. We didn't do a thing in their room either except remove the carpet.

This room was already painted so stinkin cute. Here is Madi sneaking in the shot.
With this house we got the bunk beds that are in the boy's room and we had just bought the boys new bunks in the last few months so the girls who have been in toddler beds got a grand ol upgrade in room and bed. They think they are sleeping on kings compared to their toddler beds! Autumn got top and miss Madi bottom. Now we have to get them comforters that actually fit their beds. I am slowly putting my Disney princess memorabilia in their room and they are loving it.

The biggest thing about the kid's rooms....they actually have closets! At the old house there were non cause it was an old farm house and they didn't have closets in their houses back when it was built. It's a really nice upgrade!
That is all I have at the moment. I am working on getting the rest of the house put together let alone pictures taken, oh yea and life. Hang in there a bit longer and there will be more.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

So tired!!!!

Ok, well I sure wasn't joking when I said I might not keep up in the next few weeks. I don't know where my camera is at the moment so I can't post any pictures. I haven't even really taken a whole lot either but what I have taken I will get posted as soon as I have a chance. We have done a lot of work every day since the day after closing. We have all the carpet out of the bedrooms, upstairs landing, stairs and dinning room. They are all cleaned and shined in the kid's rooms but we still have to do the remaining rooms. We have the floor in our master half bath prepped and ready for the new vinyl flooring to be put down. Except for Bre's room I have all the painting done that I had set out to have accomplished before move in which is great. We have the new sink and faucet installed and ran into some plumbing issues that have now been ironed out. Same story with the new kitchen light fixtures, they are in finally after about a week of electrical issues having to be worked through. I have managed to move about 2-3 van loads every day in the last week and a half and unpacked most the boxes as soon as I moved them over. The kitchen is almost totally moved except for the coffee maker, toaster and a few remaining dishes. We moved the bunk beds over today so the 4 little ones have their beds all ready to be slept in. We might move our bed tomorrow but at least by Wednesday is what we have moved our goal to for sleeping over there. I have managed to move enough stuff over there that it's getting uncomfortable to be at the old house. If it weren't for wanting to watch football, we would probably be sleeping over there by now. We will have the dish hooked up on Wednesday, so then there is really no excuse. I have enjoyed the labors of love, however I will admit I am worn out. It's exhausting working and moving all day then getting the kids to where they need to be after school, cook dinner and continue to work till about 8pm, then drive back to the old house to sleep. We are all ready to get back our routine! Keep hanging in there waiting on pictures, I WILL get them up soon.