Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goofy Girls

This is what happens when two little girls get a hold of thier big sister's hat. Goof balls!

Fourth of July weekend 2011

We had a pretty good Fourth weekend. I made a yummy lemon aide cake which I turned into a flag cake (this picture was taken the other way I do know the blue field goes on the left and it did) like I usually do every year. It was yummy, so yummy the hubby requested it for his birthday in August.
 The kids and I got busy making tin can wind socks to decorate our back patio since it's where we planned to spend most our weekend.
 Rodney took the kids fishing Saturday and they came back with dinner. Bre caught all the bass herself and the rest of the kids caught the blue gill along with Rodney.

 Rodney came home, cleaned them and fried them up and it was a fabulous meal!
 We then after dinner headed to Marion to see the first 2 of 3 fire works shows we would see through the weekend, the third was in Wabash on Monday. Oh and I must mention, I didn't manage to catch any on film but there was crazy horizontal lightning through out this whole fire works show.

 We hung out Sunday night around the fire pit out back, roasting hot dogs as well as marshmallows and then woke up Monday morning to head right back out to the fire pit where breakfast was cooked for us over the fire. It was super yummy.
 We headed to the reservoir to play in the water and sand. Dakotah was busy digging a hole very deep.
Rodney goofing off after the fireworks on Monday playing with the kid's glow bracelets.

Drive in Fun and Soft ball Champs!

The Friday before Colby was going to leave us for about a month, we decided to go to the drive in for Cars 2 and Pirates 4.So we get settled in for our family night at the drive in and I was "checking in" on facebook and then a few minutes later see my friend Winter respond that they were on their way out as well. YAY! So we ended up parked next to each other and instantly the vehicles were divided between the boys and the girls.
 This is the boys clowning around and.....
 this is the girls trying to give the boys a run for their money.
 They were waiting patiently.
 Rachel didn't make it very far into the first movie.
The week after Colby left it was tourney time for soft ball and we headed out to the Field of Dreams to watch every night until it was over and Bre's team won for the fourth year in a row. Good job ladies!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colby's black eye

The week before Colby was due to leave to go spend time with his father, Autumn had gymnastics camp and so the other 3 kiddos went swimming. Well Tuesday while swimming I was watching Madi and then notice this little boy rubbing the back of his head saying to his mom it hurt. I look for my other kids, find Dakotah who was having fun then find Colby who is holding his eye brow and then dunking his face in water then trying to shake it off. I ask him if he's ok cause I notice he won't let go of his eye. He takes his hand of while walking towards me and starts to cry that he's hurt. Well YEA! I could see the goose egg on his eye brow from across the pool. When he finally gets to me, his eye is swelled shut. The life guard got an ice pack which helped at least get his eye to go down enough to open. He cried only the amount of time it took to get to me and that's it. The little boy apparently had thrown him self back ward not realizing Colby was behind him and cracked him right in the eye. 

 Finally opened after the ice pack. I took him to the eye doctor later who said he most likely suffered an orbital fracture but there was nothing they could do so no xrays but he checked everything out with the eye internally which came back good. So he cracks his eye and no more than maybe a minute of crying, seriously!
This is Saturday before he left with his dad. I didn't get to see it after this point so I'm not sure how long it took for the color to completely go away but boy did he have some color! What a trooper!

5K 2011

This year's 5K is a very memorable one, although Rodney didn't get the chance to run it was still a great time. On top of the "fun run" this year the YMCA hosted a "tot-trot" in which Madi ran.
 Starting line and off they go....
 here she comes to the finish (she's behind the girl in the frilly skirt).
 So proud!
 Next was Dakotah's second time to run the mile fun run and he had a goal to beat 10 minutes for McDonalds and Autumn decided to run as well.
 Dakotah ended up not only reaching his goal, but making it in under 10 minutes.
 Autumn came running in crying cause her side hurt but boy she stuck with it! She did great.
 Colby up in the crowd getting ready to start his very first 5K, yep he decided this year after doing the fun run last year, that he was big enough to run a 5K and that he did. He trained for weeks off and on, his gola to reach was to do it in 30 minutes and I told him it would be crazy if he beat Rodney's 28:59 time from last year. Well, he kicked butt in this race! He ran the entire thing and he blew the goal of 30 minutes out of the water! He did so great, he came in at 26:44 beating Rodney's time from last year. Rodney says he needs to start training to beat Colby next year. Love the family competition.
 Exhausted but so stoked about how well he did.
 He even won a medal for 2nd place in his age category for boys.
I walked/ran it, not as good as last year coming in about 3 minutes longer but I did it and that's all I wanted to do. It was a great day.

La Fontaine Days

This year the kids and I set out early Friday morning to hit up the rummages around town in honnor of La Fontaine days. The kids had so much fun and ended up finding so many more bargains than I did. Every ones loot all in a big pile.
 After rummaging and some dinner we headed down town to listen to some music and it was a lot of fun. Madi wanted to dance so bad but didn't get up the nerve to do so till the last song.
 She had so much fun doing it though and had we not needed to be up so early the next morning for the 5K I would have stayed for the next band.
Good times with my kids and look forward to next years festivities.