Sunday, July 17, 2011

5K 2011

This year's 5K is a very memorable one, although Rodney didn't get the chance to run it was still a great time. On top of the "fun run" this year the YMCA hosted a "tot-trot" in which Madi ran.
 Starting line and off they go....
 here she comes to the finish (she's behind the girl in the frilly skirt).
 So proud!
 Next was Dakotah's second time to run the mile fun run and he had a goal to beat 10 minutes for McDonalds and Autumn decided to run as well.
 Dakotah ended up not only reaching his goal, but making it in under 10 minutes.
 Autumn came running in crying cause her side hurt but boy she stuck with it! She did great.
 Colby up in the crowd getting ready to start his very first 5K, yep he decided this year after doing the fun run last year, that he was big enough to run a 5K and that he did. He trained for weeks off and on, his gola to reach was to do it in 30 minutes and I told him it would be crazy if he beat Rodney's 28:59 time from last year. Well, he kicked butt in this race! He ran the entire thing and he blew the goal of 30 minutes out of the water! He did so great, he came in at 26:44 beating Rodney's time from last year. Rodney says he needs to start training to beat Colby next year. Love the family competition.
 Exhausted but so stoked about how well he did.
 He even won a medal for 2nd place in his age category for boys.
I walked/ran it, not as good as last year coming in about 3 minutes longer but I did it and that's all I wanted to do. It was a great day.

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