Friday, July 9, 2010

Who would have ever guessed??!!!!

So this past Tuesday Madi was outside playing soccer with her brothers and then they came in with Madi just a crying away. So, as she is trying to tell me she hurt herself Colby starts to explain to me what happened and come to find out she was trying to show him how she could kick the ball and instead of kicking it she stepped on it and it rolled out from under her sending her flying. She fell back and landed on her hand and arm. After ice, wrapping and medicine I took her in yesterday and they sent us for x-rays. Yep, it was fractured.
A "buckle" fracture is what she has done. This picture of the x-ray isn't that great but you can still see where the bone has movement in it. So they sent us home until today when we headed to an orthopedist. We went in and he told us what kind of fracture and then said it needed to be casted. I was happy to hear that and happy it finally would be happening.
Here she is after I took off the ace wrap and waiting for the doctor.
The cotton wrap is on.
Then on went the cast. She was not so happy when the doctor pulled out an orange cast but then he decided it would be too big so he grabbed another one and after he set it down next to her she yelled out for me and showed me that it was her favorite color, baby blue.
Here she is ready to go home. She has been a trooper through it all and has dealt with the pain very well in my opinion. I would have never guessed it to be her to break a bone first, always had my guess on Dakotah and so did so many other people in our family. I think Miss Madi is going to keep us on our toes!

Our works of art....

Here are a few pictures of our finished works of art. The shirt being held up is Jessica's but she wasn't there because she had went to church camp the day before. I LOVE how they all turned out.

Cool Blue Sunday

Sunday after church and naps we headed to Chelsea and Jessica's grandma Bonnie's house to eat some yummy food and swim in their awesome pool. It felt so good!
Chelsea thrying to blow water out of the noodle.
Autumn stopping for a second to let Mimi take her picture.
A quick shot of D playing.
Miss Madi lounging around looking all cute!
Probably the only picture Mimi could get of Colby since he didn't stop moving the moment he got in the pool.
Hanging out with my man.
Miss Madi eating probably her second of the three cobbs of corn she had. My sweet little country girl!

Tye Dye tradition, year 2

Ok, so last summer we tye dyed for the first time with Kim and her girl's and had so much fun we decided to make it tradtion every summer. When the kid's grow out of them then I'm going to turn them into a quilt for each kido. Well, I grabbed all the supplies hoping weather would be good while we were staying with Kim. YAY, it was! Saturday night before dinner and fireworks we went out back and went at it.

D and Dad working on D's. I was so excited dad got to be in on it this year, last year I just did on for him while he was at work.
Me working on Madi's
Colby also actually got to do it this year since he wasn't with us last year I did his and this year he got to enjoy it and that he did!
Miss Chelsea working on hers.
Jessica just twisted and wrapped hers in a random way all her own, very creative.
Miss Autumn working hard making sure she gets it the way she wants.
All of us except Aunt Mimi (Kim) who was taking all the pictures but she too tye dyed.

These 2 melt me!

Saturday on the river was even hotter than Friday and humid this time so in other words it was miserable. We went down after visiting Granpda Culver a few hours and we only stay a few hours before heading back to Kim's house. It was just way too hot. I didn't get much pictures except of Miss Madison winning the first heat of the weekend which was awesom to see. The two pictures I did get was....
of my man and
of my baby! These two melt me I tell ya!

Some fun on Main Street

After walking up and down the river in Madison we headed to Main Street where our chairs were parked earlier in the day saving our prime spots for the parade. Kim brought us all hot dogs and chips with some grapes so we ate dinner, hung out, went into a shop or two and then sat and waited.
Here is Grandma Culver walking back with the kiddos.
Madi and Chelsea hanging out waiting for the parade to start.
Hanging with my man.
My boys, so cute!
Autumn getting more excited about the parade starting as we start to hear the sirens.
My baby didnt make it! Daddy is too cozy and she was too wore out.
Our favorite from the parade, the Miss Madison Oh Boy Oberto hydro boat who ended up winning the Madison Regatta that weekend. WHOO!!!!

A little fun at the park on the river.

Friday (the weekend of the 4th) we spent the day on the river watching the boats test, walking up and down seeing the little booths and then once at the end of the river walk we stopped to play at the park before walking back. It was hot but fun!