Friday, July 9, 2010

Some fun on Main Street

After walking up and down the river in Madison we headed to Main Street where our chairs were parked earlier in the day saving our prime spots for the parade. Kim brought us all hot dogs and chips with some grapes so we ate dinner, hung out, went into a shop or two and then sat and waited.
Here is Grandma Culver walking back with the kiddos.
Madi and Chelsea hanging out waiting for the parade to start.
Hanging with my man.
My boys, so cute!
Autumn getting more excited about the parade starting as we start to hear the sirens.
My baby didnt make it! Daddy is too cozy and she was too wore out.
Our favorite from the parade, the Miss Madison Oh Boy Oberto hydro boat who ended up winning the Madison Regatta that weekend. WHOO!!!!

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