Saturday, May 22, 2010

Field Trip Fun

I got to go on my first field trip with Colby this past Thursday. Now I have been on plenty of field trips with Dakotah and some with Autumn but never have I got to hang out with Colby. Well, I picked a good one to go on. We basically got to go on a mini tour of our little town of Wabash. We started at the history museum where I learned a few interesting things I never knew or would have guessed. After that it was off to the city park for some lunch and some play time. Thankfully after 3 weeks of rain it was like our only really nice day before the next round of rain came in. Once we were all played out at the park we headed to the old Eagles Theater, then Modoc's (our coffee shop with a interestingly fun history) and last the Honeywell Center where we got to go up on the huge stage and behind it as well. Colby and I had a lot of fun together and I look forward to some more trips with him.

Colby listening to the interesting "language" the train station people have with the conductors (museum exibit).

Colby taking a nice little virtual tour around the reservoir and our neighborhood of LaFontaine right from the museum.

Playing at the park.

Mom's famous pictures she takes herself with others. Good times!!!!

Precious Moments!

So last night as I was talking on the computer with my husband I looked over at my 4 year old who had already been dozing off and when I asked her to move to the couch (easier on my back to pick her up from there as opposed to the floor) she insisted that she needed to have her cookies before she fell asleep. I let her go get them and she crawled back onto the couch and began to eat. Well, I looked over and found her totally asleep with all but half of one of her three cookies sitting on the table. She was so tired that even cookies couldn't keep her going. It was so sweet looking how she was just sitting all cozy and out she went. I brought my laptop in front of her so that my husband could catch a glimpse too.

Another little Project

I found this fun/useful little tutorial at this new blog I found called Skip to My Lou. Its a fun little luggage tag and with the mini vacation coming up, what better timing! Well, I whipped up a few today in between our events we had for our Saturday. I love them! Super cute, super fun and super useful. I even made one with airplane fabric for my son Colby who travel quite a bit.

Here is the "front" or address side and....

here is the "back" or fun fabric side.

Mother/Daughter Banquet

Last Thursday was our banquet at church and it was the first one I got to have all my girls with me. The theme was APRONs and I so enjoyed it. The tables were adorned with blue and white Ball canning jars, old fashion coffee grinders and other kitchen utensils along with wash boards, ironing boards and irons. It was right up my alley and it felt so cozy especially because there were BEAUTIFUL quilts around and fancy aprons. The food was yummy, the company was very enjoyable and the devotional/presentation was so nice to watch. It was a blessed evening with all my girls!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A New Family

I was putting up the fence around my garden the other day and saw a robin swoop out of one of my apple trees and head to another tree across the yard. I looked closer to the apple tree and noticed a nest so of coarse I got curious and got my step stool out and held my camera way out (I couldn't actually see into the nest) and snapped a picture in hopes of finding something inside. When I got off the stool and looked at my picture, sure enough there before me was one of the most beautiful colors known to spring. 3 little eggs smiling back at the camera and I was so ecstatic. I ran in to show Rodney and now I can't wait until they hatch and I listen to them call out for their mama while I'm in my garden. I might even share some of my worms with them. ;)

Our tribute....

Sooo.....we (me mostly but also the kids) have got hooked on Little House on the Prairie. I had never seen it and my friends have now lent us seasons 1-3. We will be asking for 4 when summer break begins. Well, we have fallen in love, especially me and the girls. I wanted a bonnet for when I am out this summer working in my garden. Well that led to the girls wanting one as well. When my Oma was visiting a few weeks ago we went to Joanns for some of her projects and while there we looked up bonnet patterns and she bought the adult and kids ones for me. I started mine a few day ago and finished it today (I don't have pics yet) and then decided to knock out the girl's at the same time later this afternoon. Once I was done and gave them their bonnets they played in them the rest of the evening. They were pretending they were in Little House and acting it out and then they asked if we could go in the garden now (it was thunder, lightening and pouring rain at the time and did the rest of this evening), "um NO". I look forward to the many mornings we will be spending out in our garden though wearing our bonnets.

Miss Madi

Miss Autumn

The goofy girls together

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Fab Give Away....

There is another fabulous give away over at Prairie Flower Farm so go on over, check it out and try for your chance to win. Also keep on reading her posts to see all the new little ones running around her farm. Madi and I so wish we could go visit!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

4 generations

Back left to right: Oma the Great grandma (my grandma), Anne the grandma (my momma), Me (the mom) and in front, Madi. 4 generations all together for the first time.

Monday, May 10, 2010

5 wonderful years

5 years ago this past Thursday I married a man that I loved dearly. Now as our anniversary passes I get to look back and see how far that man has come all thanks to our Heavenly Father. I have come quite a ways as well but more exciting is how far our marriage has come and has been blessed. I had all intentions of surprising Rodney with a vowel renewal Thursday evening but due to medical issues it had to be canceled. Well....thanks to my wonderful Pastor who knew how important this was to me, we planned for a second go round only this time his idea was at the end of church in front of not only my family who was visiting, but our entire church family as well. I was STOKED!!!!! So Sunday came, our two oldest children became members of our church, the mothers were honored and then I started to get nervous. HA, if only he knew why I was being so jumpy. Our Pastor began to describe how long ago and where we were married then how we came to know Jesus and how we were supposed to surprise him but it didn't happen. At this point I leaned over and whispered to him "oh by the way...surprise!". He called us up on stage and when we got up there our Pastor called up our small group members (our very near and dear to us) while they were coming up Rodney whispered to me that I was ornery. With a very pleased smile I said "yes I am!". With my mom and grandma as well as our 2 oldest standing next to us and being surrounded by our friends and family, we renewed our commitment to each other.....only this time in God's house and with His sweet blessing! It was amazing! I've been told someone took pictures and when I receive those I'll post them but all I have is some beautiful pictures my mom took when we got back to the house.

5 years and 5 beautiful kids! I am so blessed!

...and this is how we really feel ;)! It's quite blurry but I just love this picture. I'm hoping a friend of mine can clean it up for me cause it's super special.