Friday, May 21, 2010

Our tribute....

Sooo.....we (me mostly but also the kids) have got hooked on Little House on the Prairie. I had never seen it and my friends have now lent us seasons 1-3. We will be asking for 4 when summer break begins. Well, we have fallen in love, especially me and the girls. I wanted a bonnet for when I am out this summer working in my garden. Well that led to the girls wanting one as well. When my Oma was visiting a few weeks ago we went to Joanns for some of her projects and while there we looked up bonnet patterns and she bought the adult and kids ones for me. I started mine a few day ago and finished it today (I don't have pics yet) and then decided to knock out the girl's at the same time later this afternoon. Once I was done and gave them their bonnets they played in them the rest of the evening. They were pretending they were in Little House and acting it out and then they asked if we could go in the garden now (it was thunder, lightening and pouring rain at the time and did the rest of this evening), "um NO". I look forward to the many mornings we will be spending out in our garden though wearing our bonnets.

Miss Madi

Miss Autumn

The goofy girls together

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