Monday, June 28, 2010

Culver/Crow network cake challenge!

Autumn got a cake decorating thingy like an easy bake oven for cake decorating, not too long ago. Well she's been wanting to decorate some cakes so Rodney made some cup cakes the other day and then tonight after dinner we pulled everything out and set it on the table. I pulled out all my sprinkles and frosting for the other kids too, then we had our own "challenge". We set the timer for about 40 minutes and away they went.

Here is Autumn's contraption to decorate.

Dad was the judge and here is Madi having him taste hers trying to "butter" him up to win.

Here are all of the entries. Dakotah's is the stacked ones, then Autumn's, then Madi's and Colby's are the two stuck side by side in the front. Rodney made one too which is sitting in the back of the line of entries. So he judged them and decided that Autumn went against rules (she had help), Madi was trying to butter up the judge so that left the boy's entries and he concluded that there was a tie between them.

Here are the winners entries.
This was so much fun! What a messy good time.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A new book sure to inspire a summer full of goodness!

I got an email the other morning and headed on over to the very first blog I ever started to follow to find out what all the excitement was about. Over at Sugar Pie Farm House Aunt Ruthie's new e-book has been released and is packed full of tips, recipes and all sorts of fun photos sure to inspire any ones summer. I am waiting patiently until I may be able to join in on the fun of this book. I encourage any one who reads my blog to hop on over and take a look at the preview she has posted up on her blog. Also if you take a look at an older post you'll have a chance to take a peek at her new bundle of grandson joy! Thanks Aunt Ruthie for being inspiring and uplifting to this homemaker and sharing your love for our Lord!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Saturday morning we headed to the Zoo to spend about an hour roaming around. Well, it actually turned into 3 hours of fun. It started to get hot so we let the kids (Colby didnt) run around the water spot to get wet for the remainder of our walk through the zoo so they wouldnt get so hot. We really enjoyed the farm part of the zoo where we pet some goats, milked a fake cow, climbed all over a tractor, saw an enormous horse and a chicken with a mohawk. This zoo is such a great one. I have enjoyed it every time I've been. We ended our time with a ride on the merry go round which is one of our favorite things to do.


Friday night we went to a cute little cowboy town place called Rawhide. It's like a cowboy main street with all kinds of shops, buggies, stagecoaches and other stuff. First we walked around a bit and went into a few shops to browse. After wards we went into the resturant and sat down to order up some yummy food. While we waited for our food there was a band there that was singing some good ol country songs and there was a dance floor right in front of them. It took a while but then the kids finally got up and danced the time away that they had to wait for food. It was so much fun to watch them all.

"HELP!!! Mom's sending us away". I thought this was a funny photo opp.

We love some good saspirilla! We had it all around (well for the kids and I).

My boys!

My dad and my grandma.

My girls!

Fun little buggy that reminded them all of "Little House on the Prairie" so I had to take their pic.

Park Play and some Aunties

In the middle of the night Thursday night Colby's fever had finally broke!!!! We made some plans to meet up with 2 of his aunts at a park and have some lunch together as well as play time with his cousins. I didnt take very many pictures because I was enjoying my time so much chatting with Melynda, Edward and Brittany. It's been a long time so it was very nice. The few shots I got of my kids playing I took before the rest of the crew showed up. Colby didnt play much since it was hot and he was still worn out from being sick. He did great though and enjoyed chatting as well.

Colby with his Aunts.

Swimming Fun

Of coarse when you go to AZ you know your going to do some swimming. That was like the first thing the kids wanted to do and did. They had so much fun. We never made it over to Aunt Marilyn's to swim in her big pool because Colby was sick the majority of the time but Grammy bought the kids a pool for her back yard which was enough to keep the kids quite happy!Afterwards, Grammy brought out the popsicles and Colby came to sit out for a little while. Even Grandpa came and sat out with us as soon as he came home from work.

The Kindergarten Graduate

Autumn missed her Kindergarten graduation due to us flying to AZ. It was the very same day we jumped on a plane, so I called a head and asked my mom to buy her a cake. I bought her a card and had everyone sign it then we ate a great dinner and then the cake. We sang "happy graduation" to her and then had some fun with glow jewelry. It was a good little celebration that I think helped her not really care that she didn't make it to her graduation.

Congratulations to the Graduate!

The kids and I were blessed to have the opportunity to fly down to AZ to watch RJ (my "baby"/6ft4in brother) graduate from high school. It was an awesome experience. When we showed up, found our seats and waited the kids were in awe that I had gone to this very school about 11 years ago and graduated from there myself. It was so neat to be able to show them as well. As we were waiting we were snapping some pictures, having some laughs and maybe even the occasional tear that tried to sneak out. It was hot but not as hot as when I had graduated. His class was somewhere in the 600's and mine you ask, well somewhere in the upper 800's. YIKES!

The graduate before heading to the school.

Grandpa (my dad) being silly while we wait.

Headed to his seat (he is the extremely tall one)

Receiving his diploma (such an awesome moment!)

The cap toss up!

RJ and Brianna after their graduation. Such a sweet girl and cute couple! We like her a lot!

Me and my brother. I so love this boy!

The graduate with his proud parents.
Good job RJ! You did great the last 4 years and have no closed this chapter on your life just to open the very next one. I pray that college will be an adventure that finds you learning amazing things, reaching your goals and dreams and taking you right down the road God has intended for you. I love you very much and I'm very proud of you and to be your sister.