Monday, June 28, 2010

Culver/Crow network cake challenge!

Autumn got a cake decorating thingy like an easy bake oven for cake decorating, not too long ago. Well she's been wanting to decorate some cakes so Rodney made some cup cakes the other day and then tonight after dinner we pulled everything out and set it on the table. I pulled out all my sprinkles and frosting for the other kids too, then we had our own "challenge". We set the timer for about 40 minutes and away they went.

Here is Autumn's contraption to decorate.

Dad was the judge and here is Madi having him taste hers trying to "butter" him up to win.

Here are all of the entries. Dakotah's is the stacked ones, then Autumn's, then Madi's and Colby's are the two stuck side by side in the front. Rodney made one too which is sitting in the back of the line of entries. So he judged them and decided that Autumn went against rules (she had help), Madi was trying to butter up the judge so that left the boy's entries and he concluded that there was a tie between them.

Here are the winners entries.
This was so much fun! What a messy good time.

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