Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hunting with kids

I took Madi with me for the first time while Colby and I hunted. She got cold and sad that we didn't see any deer but it was still a good time.

Opening day from sunrise to sunset

The final count for me opening day was 2, Rodney it was 1 but in our hunting group of 4 people it was a total of 10 deer. A very blessed day indeed.

A little prepping for opening day

Rodney and I spent a few days at the range for some shooting dates. Then we pulled out all the camo and washed it up. What a build of anticipation!

Prepping the thanks giving bird

Well, the day came that it was decided to be Gizzie's last day. Alan came over to help teach Rodney how to harvest our turkey. The whole process went a whole lot faster than I had expected.

A little IWU love

Last day on campus Rodney and I had lunch and then stopped by the book store to buy the kids some new threads, some IWU threads. We're training them up well.

Avengers, Culver's style.....

Trick or treating was a blast for this squad of heros!

Field trip with Madi, the pumpkin patch

I tagged along with Madi and her first grade class to the pumpkins patch. After all it is one of my favorite places to e in the fall. We had a good day despite the fact that it was rainy and so very cold.

Autumn turns 9

M&M cake and all miss Autumn turned 9 and loved her cake. I so enjoy how my kids love to ask me to create a cake for them knowing full well I'm no pro and yet they always love the out come. Makes this momma feel good about making their day special for them.

Colby turns 12

Ok, so a weekend of birthday celebration makes for a lot of cake, a lot of presents and a whole lot of laughs. I love my family!!!! Colby requested Dr. Pepper cupcakes and momma delivered. These were scrumptious! He got some new tunes, and got loaded down with a bunch of needed hunting accessories for the up coming hunting season.

Bre=sweet 16

Back on the weekend of September 15 we had 2 birthdays to celebrate..... What a fun way to celebrate 16, with an oreo icecream cake and some new digs for your car like seat covers, fuzzy dice, cd holder, and a yummy cupcake smelly airfreshner. Can't believe shes 16!