Sunday, June 6, 2010

Congratulations to the Graduate!

The kids and I were blessed to have the opportunity to fly down to AZ to watch RJ (my "baby"/6ft4in brother) graduate from high school. It was an awesome experience. When we showed up, found our seats and waited the kids were in awe that I had gone to this very school about 11 years ago and graduated from there myself. It was so neat to be able to show them as well. As we were waiting we were snapping some pictures, having some laughs and maybe even the occasional tear that tried to sneak out. It was hot but not as hot as when I had graduated. His class was somewhere in the 600's and mine you ask, well somewhere in the upper 800's. YIKES!

The graduate before heading to the school.

Grandpa (my dad) being silly while we wait.

Headed to his seat (he is the extremely tall one)

Receiving his diploma (such an awesome moment!)

The cap toss up!

RJ and Brianna after their graduation. Such a sweet girl and cute couple! We like her a lot!

Me and my brother. I so love this boy!

The graduate with his proud parents.
Good job RJ! You did great the last 4 years and have no closed this chapter on your life just to open the very next one. I pray that college will be an adventure that finds you learning amazing things, reaching your goals and dreams and taking you right down the road God has intended for you. I love you very much and I'm very proud of you and to be your sister.

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