Saturday, May 22, 2010

Field Trip Fun

I got to go on my first field trip with Colby this past Thursday. Now I have been on plenty of field trips with Dakotah and some with Autumn but never have I got to hang out with Colby. Well, I picked a good one to go on. We basically got to go on a mini tour of our little town of Wabash. We started at the history museum where I learned a few interesting things I never knew or would have guessed. After that it was off to the city park for some lunch and some play time. Thankfully after 3 weeks of rain it was like our only really nice day before the next round of rain came in. Once we were all played out at the park we headed to the old Eagles Theater, then Modoc's (our coffee shop with a interestingly fun history) and last the Honeywell Center where we got to go up on the huge stage and behind it as well. Colby and I had a lot of fun together and I look forward to some more trips with him.

Colby listening to the interesting "language" the train station people have with the conductors (museum exibit).

Colby taking a nice little virtual tour around the reservoir and our neighborhood of LaFontaine right from the museum.

Playing at the park.

Mom's famous pictures she takes herself with others. Good times!!!!

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Wabash is great! It was the last big city before we reached my grandparents house in Syracuse, my first taste of Sushi and a nice get way from Goshen during college years. :)