Sunday, June 6, 2010


Friday night we went to a cute little cowboy town place called Rawhide. It's like a cowboy main street with all kinds of shops, buggies, stagecoaches and other stuff. First we walked around a bit and went into a few shops to browse. After wards we went into the resturant and sat down to order up some yummy food. While we waited for our food there was a band there that was singing some good ol country songs and there was a dance floor right in front of them. It took a while but then the kids finally got up and danced the time away that they had to wait for food. It was so much fun to watch them all.

"HELP!!! Mom's sending us away". I thought this was a funny photo opp.

We love some good saspirilla! We had it all around (well for the kids and I).

My boys!

My dad and my grandma.

My girls!

Fun little buggy that reminded them all of "Little House on the Prairie" so I had to take their pic.

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