Monday, May 10, 2010

5 wonderful years

5 years ago this past Thursday I married a man that I loved dearly. Now as our anniversary passes I get to look back and see how far that man has come all thanks to our Heavenly Father. I have come quite a ways as well but more exciting is how far our marriage has come and has been blessed. I had all intentions of surprising Rodney with a vowel renewal Thursday evening but due to medical issues it had to be canceled. Well....thanks to my wonderful Pastor who knew how important this was to me, we planned for a second go round only this time his idea was at the end of church in front of not only my family who was visiting, but our entire church family as well. I was STOKED!!!!! So Sunday came, our two oldest children became members of our church, the mothers were honored and then I started to get nervous. HA, if only he knew why I was being so jumpy. Our Pastor began to describe how long ago and where we were married then how we came to know Jesus and how we were supposed to surprise him but it didn't happen. At this point I leaned over and whispered to him "oh by the way...surprise!". He called us up on stage and when we got up there our Pastor called up our small group members (our very near and dear to us) while they were coming up Rodney whispered to me that I was ornery. With a very pleased smile I said "yes I am!". With my mom and grandma as well as our 2 oldest standing next to us and being surrounded by our friends and family, we renewed our commitment to each other.....only this time in God's house and with His sweet blessing! It was amazing! I've been told someone took pictures and when I receive those I'll post them but all I have is some beautiful pictures my mom took when we got back to the house.

5 years and 5 beautiful kids! I am so blessed!

...and this is how we really feel ;)! It's quite blurry but I just love this picture. I'm hoping a friend of mine can clean it up for me cause it's super special.

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