Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Be Still.....

"Be still, Sit still, Don't move so much, Control yourself", these are phrases often to come out of mine and my husband's mouths when talking to our 8 year old who really doesn't "be still". We are in a bit of a difficult time with him at the moment and as parents we are doing everything we think is right or we can even think to do. It's so hard at times and you just want the best for your kids, you just want them to "get it". Well, I'm sure many years from now we will look back on this and be happy that the Lord lead us through this tough time as well as many more that are to come. Well, our kids were all out playing and running around the yard. Come to find out they were playing a game of hide and seek. My husband and I happened to walk by the kitchen window and this view of our son caught our eye. We stopped and watched him for about 5 minutes. I kid you not, he moved only twice when he popped up to see if the seeker was coming. I soaked in this beautiful sight of my son being still, even if it took trying his hardest not to be the first to be found. He CAN do it! I love this image and it will be one I will try keep very clear in my mind when I start to get frustrated.

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