Friday, July 9, 2010

Tye Dye tradition, year 2

Ok, so last summer we tye dyed for the first time with Kim and her girl's and had so much fun we decided to make it tradtion every summer. When the kid's grow out of them then I'm going to turn them into a quilt for each kido. Well, I grabbed all the supplies hoping weather would be good while we were staying with Kim. YAY, it was! Saturday night before dinner and fireworks we went out back and went at it.

D and Dad working on D's. I was so excited dad got to be in on it this year, last year I just did on for him while he was at work.
Me working on Madi's
Colby also actually got to do it this year since he wasn't with us last year I did his and this year he got to enjoy it and that he did!
Miss Chelsea working on hers.
Jessica just twisted and wrapped hers in a random way all her own, very creative.
Miss Autumn working hard making sure she gets it the way she wants.
All of us except Aunt Mimi (Kim) who was taking all the pictures but she too tye dyed.

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