Friday, July 9, 2010

Who would have ever guessed??!!!!

So this past Tuesday Madi was outside playing soccer with her brothers and then they came in with Madi just a crying away. So, as she is trying to tell me she hurt herself Colby starts to explain to me what happened and come to find out she was trying to show him how she could kick the ball and instead of kicking it she stepped on it and it rolled out from under her sending her flying. She fell back and landed on her hand and arm. After ice, wrapping and medicine I took her in yesterday and they sent us for x-rays. Yep, it was fractured.
A "buckle" fracture is what she has done. This picture of the x-ray isn't that great but you can still see where the bone has movement in it. So they sent us home until today when we headed to an orthopedist. We went in and he told us what kind of fracture and then said it needed to be casted. I was happy to hear that and happy it finally would be happening.
Here she is after I took off the ace wrap and waiting for the doctor.
The cotton wrap is on.
Then on went the cast. She was not so happy when the doctor pulled out an orange cast but then he decided it would be too big so he grabbed another one and after he set it down next to her she yelled out for me and showed me that it was her favorite color, baby blue.
Here she is ready to go home. She has been a trooper through it all and has dealt with the pain very well in my opinion. I would have never guessed it to be her to break a bone first, always had my guess on Dakotah and so did so many other people in our family. I think Miss Madi is going to keep us on our toes!


Jennifer said...

She's such a brave girl!

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Oh no! What a trooper! She is just too cute though.

Nicole@Whimsy-Lane said...

Poor little thing. It is cute how excited she was about it being blue. I hope it heals quick for her!