Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colby's black eye

The week before Colby was due to leave to go spend time with his father, Autumn had gymnastics camp and so the other 3 kiddos went swimming. Well Tuesday while swimming I was watching Madi and then notice this little boy rubbing the back of his head saying to his mom it hurt. I look for my other kids, find Dakotah who was having fun then find Colby who is holding his eye brow and then dunking his face in water then trying to shake it off. I ask him if he's ok cause I notice he won't let go of his eye. He takes his hand of while walking towards me and starts to cry that he's hurt. Well YEA! I could see the goose egg on his eye brow from across the pool. When he finally gets to me, his eye is swelled shut. The life guard got an ice pack which helped at least get his eye to go down enough to open. He cried only the amount of time it took to get to me and that's it. The little boy apparently had thrown him self back ward not realizing Colby was behind him and cracked him right in the eye. 

 Finally opened after the ice pack. I took him to the eye doctor later who said he most likely suffered an orbital fracture but there was nothing they could do so no xrays but he checked everything out with the eye internally which came back good. So he cracks his eye and no more than maybe a minute of crying, seriously!
This is Saturday before he left with his dad. I didn't get to see it after this point so I'm not sure how long it took for the color to completely go away but boy did he have some color! What a trooper!

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Melynda Hache' said...

First off, it was all cleared up by the time I saw him. Secondly, holy cow crazy colors! Third, this same thing happened to Gabriel on Saturday the dame way! The difference being he got hit on the lower part. It wasn't as bad, but still pretty bad. I miss Colby already! I had class all weekend so I missed him. Please squeeze in a hug for me when he gets home this week! Love you guys!