Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Drive in Fun and Soft ball Champs!

The Friday before Colby was going to leave us for about a month, we decided to go to the drive in for Cars 2 and Pirates 4.So we get settled in for our family night at the drive in and I was "checking in" on facebook and then a few minutes later see my friend Winter respond that they were on their way out as well. YAY! So we ended up parked next to each other and instantly the vehicles were divided between the boys and the girls.
 This is the boys clowning around and.....
 this is the girls trying to give the boys a run for their money.
 They were waiting patiently.
 Rachel didn't make it very far into the first movie.
The week after Colby left it was tourney time for soft ball and we headed out to the Field of Dreams to watch every night until it was over and Bre's team won for the fourth year in a row. Good job ladies!

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