Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fourth of July weekend 2011

We had a pretty good Fourth weekend. I made a yummy lemon aide cake which I turned into a flag cake (this picture was taken the other way I do know the blue field goes on the left and it did) like I usually do every year. It was yummy, so yummy the hubby requested it for his birthday in August.
 The kids and I got busy making tin can wind socks to decorate our back patio since it's where we planned to spend most our weekend.
 Rodney took the kids fishing Saturday and they came back with dinner. Bre caught all the bass herself and the rest of the kids caught the blue gill along with Rodney.

 Rodney came home, cleaned them and fried them up and it was a fabulous meal!
 We then after dinner headed to Marion to see the first 2 of 3 fire works shows we would see through the weekend, the third was in Wabash on Monday. Oh and I must mention, I didn't manage to catch any on film but there was crazy horizontal lightning through out this whole fire works show.

 We hung out Sunday night around the fire pit out back, roasting hot dogs as well as marshmallows and then woke up Monday morning to head right back out to the fire pit where breakfast was cooked for us over the fire. It was super yummy.
 We headed to the reservoir to play in the water and sand. Dakotah was busy digging a hole very deep.
Rodney goofing off after the fireworks on Monday playing with the kid's glow bracelets.

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