Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

November 9th Daisy turned 2! We have had her for 2 years come this Christmas and she is such a great addition to our family. She has been an amazing dog and really just another one of the kids. She got a new tire toy and some pig's ears which are her favorite as well as a bag of treat and a cookie jar for those treats.
She has been struggling a bit with this whole moving thing. At first she had to spend long days in her kennel and then we brought her over to this new house while we would work, then if I left the old house she wouldn't kennel making me think that she thought we were going to leave her. Now that we are staying at the new house she seems a bit depressed. I think she, just like the rest of us is still trying to adjust. She took a trip with Rodney last night to the old house for a truck load and I guess she went on an adventure into the forest and would respond the Rodney leaving him to begin to worry she would never come back. Thankfully she did after some very persistent and loud calling for her.
I look forward to the many more years with her we have as well as introducing a new puppy to her in the next year or so.

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