Saturday, November 14, 2009

So tired!!!!

Ok, well I sure wasn't joking when I said I might not keep up in the next few weeks. I don't know where my camera is at the moment so I can't post any pictures. I haven't even really taken a whole lot either but what I have taken I will get posted as soon as I have a chance. We have done a lot of work every day since the day after closing. We have all the carpet out of the bedrooms, upstairs landing, stairs and dinning room. They are all cleaned and shined in the kid's rooms but we still have to do the remaining rooms. We have the floor in our master half bath prepped and ready for the new vinyl flooring to be put down. Except for Bre's room I have all the painting done that I had set out to have accomplished before move in which is great. We have the new sink and faucet installed and ran into some plumbing issues that have now been ironed out. Same story with the new kitchen light fixtures, they are in finally after about a week of electrical issues having to be worked through. I have managed to move about 2-3 van loads every day in the last week and a half and unpacked most the boxes as soon as I moved them over. The kitchen is almost totally moved except for the coffee maker, toaster and a few remaining dishes. We moved the bunk beds over today so the 4 little ones have their beds all ready to be slept in. We might move our bed tomorrow but at least by Wednesday is what we have moved our goal to for sleeping over there. I have managed to move enough stuff over there that it's getting uncomfortable to be at the old house. If it weren't for wanting to watch football, we would probably be sleeping over there by now. We will have the dish hooked up on Wednesday, so then there is really no excuse. I have enjoyed the labors of love, however I will admit I am worn out. It's exhausting working and moving all day then getting the kids to where they need to be after school, cook dinner and continue to work till about 8pm, then drive back to the old house to sleep. We are all ready to get back our routine! Keep hanging in there waiting on pictures, I WILL get them up soon.

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Melynda Hache' said...

I am so excited for your family's new adventure with the new house. IT sounds like you are making this new home perfect for your family. I can't wait to see final pictures. Please send Colby our love, hugs, and kisses!