Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Freedom for the hens

This week marks my older girls reaching 16 weeks which means they could start to lay eggs any time. My 3 little girls and turkey are 13 weeks old. I decided this week to let them stretch their boundaries some and I opened the run door to let them roam the yard. The first evening we did this it was so much fun, kids running from chickens and turkey, chickens and turkey running from kids and Daisy leashed up just to dream of chasing them all. The next day I let daisy off the leash but stuck by her like a warden. She's stopped at them a few times teasing them that she's going to get them and given the opportunity to be left alone with them I'm pretty sure she actually would. They are having a great time eating weeds and bugs and pushing their distance almost to the front yard, over by the kids swing set and to the back door. We have to watch the turkey close when she gets into the garden though cause she goes crazy eating everything.

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