Sunday, January 1, 2012

The results of my first hunting season.

The last night of shot gun season Colby and I went out hunting and with only about 10 minutes to go we saw 20 deer come out about 350 yds away. I told Colby to enjoy seeing them cause that was it. With that I turned to look at him as I was finishing what I was saying a spotted a deer out the other side of the barn we were in. I told Colby not to move but he was in my way to get into position to shoot so I told him to move but slowly and quietly. With that he moved and plugged his ears, he knew what it was coming to. I got into position and took my shot. After shooting, I saw my deer jump and kick hard before running off. Colby and I headed next door to our church, sat through evening service and then Rodney, Colby and I headed out to find my deer and that we did. I was thrilled when we found it right where I told Rodney it ran too.
Now after much more hunting with my husband and not having much chance at anymore shots, Colby and I headed back to the barn for the entire last week of muzzleloader season. Well, I had one chance on a buck but felt he was too far however Rodney got a doe that night. Then I took a shot at a doe but missed (she was a lot further than I had thought). Well, it came down to the last night of muzzleloader season, of my first hunting season. Colby and I see a buck come out with 10 minutes left but at 350 yds. Again, enjoy it cause it basically over (that's what I told Colby) with that, again I turn to him and what happens but I see a deer in the same spot I saw my first one only this time I lean forward to see if there's more with this one and there was 2 more. I told Colby I was going to the back of the barn (closer shot) to go tag one of these deer. I get back there and choose the biggest one which I thought was a doe. It was that time of night (dusk) when it's hard to see clearly. I crouch down and half way through, it pops its head up so I freeze and look away. After holding my position and my legs burning for a minute, the deer puts its head back down to eat. I finish getting into position and fuss with the scope and getting it into my cross hairs. After I get it, I take a breath, let it out slowly and at the bottom of my breath I pull the trigger but at the same nano second I pull, the deer pops its head up again and it dawns on me that I just saw a rack! It run like they do and I watch where it goes till I can't see anymore. Then I turn to Colby and tell him it's a buck then I proceed to cry! I cant believe I could have just got my buck!!!! After an hour of tracking and frustration, loosing blood trails, doing circles, etc. we find my deer and he is beautiful! I squeal with utter excitement and can't believe it really happened, I really got my buck in the last 2 minutes of my first hunting season.
I am do thrilled to have had a season like I have and to have had so much time with 2 of my favorite men, my hubby and my first born. Next year I'm hoping he tags his first deer and that I'm there with him like he was with me for both of mine. :)

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