Monday, January 9, 2012

Madi turns 6!

Saturday was Madi's birthday, a day she's been looking forward to since April when she found out she couldn't play laser tag with Grandpa Rob, her daddy and I as well as her brothers and sisters. 6 was the magic age you had to be so since that day she's been in pure anticipation to reach such a privileged age. Well, the day came and at 4AM she got sick. :( She spent her 6th birthday fighting a stomach bug. She was so sad that her day had come and she was sick. I don't blame her! Well, her taco dinner and Jessie cake got put on hold since non of it sounded good and she really couldn't eat anyhow. Sunday afternoon she was feeling quite a bit better and asked if we could celebrate and do we did. She still couldn't eat much but enjoyed what little she had.
Once again, another year older and my baby is stepping further away from being a baby. This makes me sad still, especially with starting school. I do however enjoy watching her bloom. I love to see her mind expand, she so smart its exciting. I enjoy seeing her littler sense of humor develop, especially when she pulling her daddy's leg. All in all even though I long for the days of having her at home, I look forward to seeing God's plan for her unfold.
Love you my sweet baby girl!!!!

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