Friday, January 20, 2012

Trying to get along

Daisy hasn't been exactly thrilled that I brought home a puppy! After the first night of getting up with me every couple hours to let Roxi potty, daisy thought twice and stayed in bed the next night, who can blame her. Now Roxi has been trying and trying for weeks to snuggle up to Daisy, merely lay with in 5 inches of her and even play with her but daisy would have nothing of any of it. Daisy would get up and move or just leave the room. I had a talk with her about being kind of snobby but it didn't help. My picture below didn't load in the order I wanted so the last picture is from a couple day of getting Roxi. Notice the had in the picture trying to hold Daisy next to Roxi. Pathetic really :). Well the picture of them playing tug a war with the deer head was from earlier this week and the one with the rope was from this morning. They have played together all day today. I even caught them biting on the deer together and Roxi was laying down do Daisy as she was tugging, pulled Roxi around the family room. Very funny and cute. Daisy still won't let Roxi cuddle or lay with in 2 feet of her but it's nice to see my girls getting along better.