Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our first deer of the season

Ok first, Jen if you are reading this right after I am posting it, I'm so sorry since you are trying to cook with deer for your first time. :)
Well, Rodney got his first deer, a buck, a 4 pointer that was about a 1 1/2 year old which means GOOD meat! A few days later we headed to Rick and Debbie's to butcher our deer. This year we were a bit more hands on and Debbie directed so well. We spent about 4 hours and left with a hefty load of meat. Madi got a hold of the camera which is so exciting cause we actually got pictures that otherwise would not have happened.
The only picture I got was of Madi spending her time playing while we were butchering.
Rodney likes bringing the meat home but when it comes to butchering, he says he isn't so fond of.
Me on the other hand, I really get into it and don't worry about being too picky. It's a process for me and the deer from butcher to pan to my dinner table. YUM!
Here is the shot Madi took of the slab Debbie worked on for us, cutting our loins and butterflying them.
This is one of the legs and thighs that produces me my yummy roasts and ground deer. I know you don't read this Madi, but thanks for the pics baby girl!

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