Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer hair cuts

I took the girls on Wednesday to get their hair cut for summer. They were both a bit tired of having to have the tangles brushed out, so they were very willing to go short which is what we like to do for the summer. It is not so hot and so much easier.
Here is miss Autumn with her bob and a clip to keep the hair out of her face. I would have to shave her head to actually make it stay our of her face if it wasn't for clips and headbands. Autumn's bob is cute and sassy, much like her.
Miss Madi hasn't gone short before, but has been asking for a long time to go short like mommy. She didn't get to go as short as me, but her little bob is just so cute. I think it makes her big cheeks look even bigger. I love it em.

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