Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quick Quilt Update

In my last quilt post, I mentioned to keep an eye out for 2 particular quilts. Well if you read the post about the early anniversary, you will see the one I said was for a special man in my hubby's buck quilt and the one for oe of the special woman in my life has been postponed. However, this past week I put this together (it isn't quilted yet though). This is a birthday runner that was easy and so fun to do. I look forward to when I will have it completed and begin using it on our table for our birthday parties. This runner is so bright and fun, it makes you feel like your already at a party.
I have recently made 5 baby quilts as well for a good cause and will post those pictures at another time. I have a quilt in my mind already to start for Colby hopefully in time for birthday number 9. Summer may lend me the time since the running to schools will take a break!!!!! YAY!!!

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Winter said...

Love it!!! Its almost cutier then mine!!lol!! Its defintely as cute!!