Saturday, May 2, 2009

Early Anniversary

Ok so Rodney and I will be celebrating 4 years of our marriage on Wednesday, here is the thing we just couldn't wait that long for gifts. Ok, I couldn't. After asking for clues and hints, Rodney said he would give it to me this morning. He went to the car and brought in my gift to give to me and how excited was I when I saw a bag from Victoria's Secret and a box from Zales in that bag. I got my favorite smelling lotion and body spray from Victoria's (Love Spell, YUM) and in the Zales box you ask......I got a beautiful white gold, Diamond and Sapphire cross necklace. I got girlie stuff which was his point. He said he wanted to get away from the techie gifts (although I have enjoyed those as well). Ok, after that I couldn't wait to give him his second gift, I had been barley able to make it this far. The first gift I got him was our membership to the new YMCA in Wabash. The second, well looking at the picture below you will wonder what it has to do with our anniversary. For those who may not know from previous posts, this is Rodney's first buck ever. I took this picture and duplicated it in the best way I know and love.....through fabric.
I enjoyed making this and actually was brought to tears a couple times while making it because I was getting so excited to give it to him. It's hard to see the fabrics, but my favorite two were the ones that sparked my desire to do this. The creamy boarder is a fabric with darker brown fish and cross emblems and the outer boarder it a leafy hunting camo. This was an opportunity to try new techniques and I had a blast doing it. He loves it too by the way and is claiming that we will be turning the AC way up this summer just so he can use it. We both did very well with our gifts, but what is better than that is the four years we have conquered together by the grace of God!!!!!

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Winter said...

AWWWWWW!!!!! Rodney you are so secretive and sweet!!! I love the quilt too!!! I can't belive I didn't get to talk long enough this morning to see your necklace! Coffee is needed SOON!