Monday, April 27, 2009


Ok now for those of you who live here in Indiana this is like exciting but also no biggie. For the many folks who I love so much that are spanned out across this great nation, well they are going to be a bit surprised, confused maybe and just plain taken back.
The time is gearing up and I guess we have jumped in a bit early into mushroom hunting season. Yes, you read that right.....mushroom hunting. You see, after some good rain and some fabulous warm weather you can go trompin out in the woods and find (or try to find) these yummy specimens of fungus. They can be difficult to find if your not a pro (which I am not). I have been out now for 3 years attempting this and Rodney always claims first one who finds one gets a whopping dollar. He always finds them (but no one give him a buck). This year, I wasn't the first and I definitely didn't find the biggest ones, but I actually found some on my own. Quite a few. I probably found at least half of this "little" mess. Rodney says people can find a patch and actually fill a garbage bag with what they find.
Now for those of you who aren't familiar and think we are a bunch of crazy country people, well sure but trust me they are so yummy and you are more than welcome to Google them. They are called Morels and there are a few different types of them. We have 3 in the picture above that we found yesterday. We found, White (the biggest ones), Gray (the 3 in the top right) and Spikes (the rest of them). We cut them in half and soak in salt water for quite a while. Then Rodney always makes up a batter that is never the same but always guaranteed to be yummy. He dredges them in the batter and fries them up. They don't ever make it to the dinner table they are so good. All of our kids enjoy them and since we found out it's early I am sure we will be out many more times. It is hunting, so Colby is excited although he opted to stay home yesterday and missed out on finding them. Now that he has seen them he is ready to go back out as is Dakotah, but that's because he heard we saw a snake (YUCK).

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