Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Sunday Fun!!!

Yesterday after church we were invited to go over to Winter and Jesse's house for some food, fun and fellowship. After eating lunch and watching a movie, we headed outside for a bit of fun. The kids jumped in the blow up castle while Rodney, Jesse and Colby threw around a football.
Madi has so much fun with Rachel and at times I wonder if she views her as a bigger size doll to play with. Madi will just try to pick her up, hold her, hug her and give her kisses all the time. It's kind of funny.
Autumn took a break to attempt to play football, but really ended up getting tackled by Colby and then tackled and tickled by her daddy.
Rachel even thought she would give throwing around the ball a try.
Colby loves football and was having a good time running around with no shoes.
Poser! HA HA! What a hottie.
Autumn was having fun flipping off the slide of the jumping castle and rolling down it as well.
Here are the Kidergarteners to be. They found out this weekend they will be in the same class together. YEA!
Ms. Rachel, so cute and so much fun! She did all she could to stay standing while the bigger kids jumped and stay out from under their feet.
I love to watch boys tackle, jump, bump and roll all over each other. It's so funny how tough they thin they are and try to be.
My Ms. Madi, so sweet and having a blast.
Thank you Lawson crew for a fabulous afternoon of food, fun and!

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Winter said...

We had a blast too!! We are so glad to have meet you guys and formed a life long bond (God's so cool how he works these things out!)