Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick Trip to Madison, IN (but not a quick post!)

This past weekend was a weekend we had been looking forward to, well most of it we had been looking forward to. Friday afternoon we headed south towards Madison but had to make a stop in Indy to drop off Colby with his dad. Colby has left for the summer and I ask for prayers on his behalf. This is the first time he will be gone as long as he will be. Two months! After we dropped him off we got back on the road and continued south.
Here is Miss Madi enjoying her soda while she sits back and also enjoys the ride. Our kids really enjoy road trips.
My spunky duo all the way in the back goofing off for the camera.
The navigator, isn't he so cool! Oh, and soooo cute!!!
Yea, the spunkyness didn't last long at all. After a long day (according to kid time) of waiting to leave, the emotions of dropping off Colby and being one less in our family, the kids zoncked out.
I think she actually read herself to sleep.
Ok, now seriously this is hilarious! This is however her normal vehicle sleeping position. I have many other pictures from other road trips of the same thing. I am kind of on a mission to take this picture every time we are road tripping so I can collectively scrap book them later. It's just too funny not to.
Now we couldn't leave out mom, so I handed the camera to Madi and she didn't do too bad for a 3 year old. Now, after driving for a bit we made it to Madison. We went and picked up grandma (Rodney's mom) and headed down town for dinner. We had dinner at the famous Hinkles which is a burger joint that has been around for ever (not sure exactly how long, ask Rodney). It was yummy. After eating some yummy greasy burgers we decided to take a walk up and down Main St. We headed toward the court house. Now about a week and a half before, the court house and capula had caught fire just as renovation on it was coming to an end in anticipation of the bicentennial celebration that is coming the weekend of June 6. This is devistating for many reasons beyond the fact that it isn't going to be at it's prime for the celebration. The cause is still undetermined as far as I know. They are attempting to salvage over 200 year old doccument that were in the basement of the courthouse which was flooded with 3 feet of water.

According to Rodney's mom, the capula had just been finished being painted gold when it caught on fire. I've seen this building before the fire and I am someone who LOVES old arcitecture and this court house was classic.

Earlier in the day before we arrived they had crane lifted the remains of the burnt capula off the court house roof and set it next to the building. WOW! Kim had said when she was there a few days before, she could still smell the fire/burnt smell of the building. We headed back to Grandma's to unwind and chat. This included basketball because Dakotah was so jazzed when he found out she had a basketball hoop.

Dad teaching Dakotah some basics.
And dad helping Autumn to make a basket.

The next day Rodney and I woke up and went to get doughnuts from the bakery down the street. Now yes, doughnuts are ordinary, but these are not. Rodney has grown up with these particular doughnuts and shared them with us ever since he could. They are huge and I wish I would have taken a picture of them. They have this yummy white icing and on top of that mini chocolate chips covering it. YUM! After a relaxing day hagning out at Grandma's we headed to Ponderosa for a gradution party which also became a family reunion in a sense.
Here is Hanna the graduate, Jessica and Chelsea.
Here is Autumn hanging out with Grandma Culver.
Now, Grandpa Culver also showed up which was an exciting thing for us. Madi every time (3) she has seen him will go to him, very shy about it but non the less she goes. This makes him very happy. It's actually a sweet thing to witness! When he left she gave him a smooch and he made sure that I knew about it cause it made him so happy.
Here is Grandpa Culver with all but 4 of his grandkids.
This is the kids, Grandpa Culver and Great Grandma Culver.
Now, the kids were able to get noise makers, but were instructed not to use them inside. Grandma Culver was being honory though and causing trouble. It was so funny.
Madi was so excited to be able to see her Mimi, as was Mimi so happy to see Madi.
Here is Randy/Grandpa Culver and his brother Robbi.
Hanna the graduate, opening her presents.
Here are my girls having a moment. How cute!

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