Saturday, January 8, 2011

Now that they know, I can post about it ;)!

Back in October I was roaming around blog land and stumbled on this fun little thing to do, "Booing". Well, I put together 2 little ghost buckets with yummy treats, bundled up my boys, explained to them what they had to do and off we drove to our targeted houses. Silently in the dark of the evening my boys and their dad got out of the van and walked down an alley and snuck to their targeted houses, dropped the treats on the door step, knocked on the door and ran for their lives. From a block away I could see my boys running off in the dark back towards dad. I went and picked them up and then we went home and laughed so hard about it. They had a blast as did I. Weeeelllll, the Christmas season came along and I found "Elfing"....."oh boooys, want to go elfing?" They were big eyed and so excited. This time it would be a bit more tricky, there was slippery snow on the ground. Back at it we went and they got it done with only one falling on their bum. I love doing such fun stuff with my kiddos and this one is definitely going to become a tradition. They never got caught however the targets figured it out. The kids don't know and I don't plan on telling them cause they get to much excitement out of thinking they are super sneaky booing elves.

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