Saturday, January 8, 2011

Decorating the tree

As is tradition in our house hold, mom pulled out the tree the day after Thanks Giving only to find that only maybe 1/4 of it actually lite up. What a bummer! Well, there was no new tree in the budget and not real sure there will be even next year so I went into my lights box in hopes that I actually had lights. Sure enough I had plenty of strands to make it work. I went at it stringing lights on the tree (not something I would consider on my list of fun things to do) and when I was done the tree looked so much better. After that the kids had at it. It is so much fun to sit back across the room and watch my 5 little ones decorate it up. It's also hard not to walk by the tree later and move things around but I'm getting better at letting it go. One day I will have to decorate it myself then I can have things where ever I want, until then let them have at it.

All done and they did a great job working together!

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