Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new tradition hopefully

This year I had the four younger ones draw names for a gift exchange. Having such a big family we have to put a limit on the gifting part of Christmas so we don't buy gifts for the kids from each other. This year they had some extra money for their good grades and wanted to buy gifts. Well, they all pitched in to give Madi some money so she could be a part of it too. I gave them a spending limit and then they picked names. After that they gave me what their idea was of what they wanted to buy. Well, the night before Colby was leaving for Arizona I let them have their own Christmas gift exchange. It was cute and fun and they all loved what they bought for each other. 

 Madi really had been wanting the Barbie from Toy Story 3 and flipped when she got it.
 Colby was excited to have something crafty to do now. He also bought me a cute wreath and his dad a new fleece hat that he told me he could imagine dad acting goofy in when he wore it. Well, the first thing Rodney did when he put it on was......
act goofy! It brought a huge smile to Colby's face. Such a thoughtful, loving and sweet little boy I've been blessed with!

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