Saturday, November 13, 2010


Halloween seems to always be loads of fun for the kids and I. We have maybe only bought 1 costume which was for Dakotah, ever! We pretty much make up our costumes based off what we have at home. I did however hit up the 75% off carts this year for a few things that can become new items to pull with other things to make up next years costumes.
 Colby opted to be a dragon by wearing his jammies. Good idea!
 Autumn pulled many pieces to make up her ballet outfit and she was so cute.
 My bumble bee beauties! Miss Madi always has to be like someone else in our family and she couldn't imitate mom's costume which is who she originally wanted to match so when Bre agreed to be a bee Madi was so excited cause we had a bee outfit for her as well. Theses bee outfits were given to me a long time ago so we've been saving them for someone to use for quite a while.
 Dakotah's goal is to dress up as every Star Wars character he can through out his whole life so this year it's the storm trooper. I found a Darth Vader one in the 75% off cart so once again he will have a costume bought for him and can continue with his goal.
 Now we come to mom/me. Every year I have no idea what I'll be and really only start thinking about it till the day of Halloween or trick or treating. Well this year I was thrown for a loop, no ideas except for a cheetah but I did that last year. All of the sudden 80's rocker came to mind and I remembered I had my wig from way back when I was like 13. Yep, I started going in a frenzy pulling things together and had a blast doing so.
 We went trick or treating with our friends which Winter dressed up with me however our husbands didn't and usually don't so they are dressed as what they said is "party poopers".
 Here is the crew minus Winter who is taking the picture. She was dressed 80's and looked awesome.
Nothing like candy that turns your tongue slim green.

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