Saturday, November 13, 2010

An unplanned trip down south.

Yesterday we took a trip down to Madison that was unplanned. While Rodney was taking care of things, the kids and I headed down the the Ohio river to play at the park. The kids as you will see weren't too upset about missing school.
 Colby is so strong being the king of the mountain.
 My boys were "snipping" me. Ahhh, boys I tell ya!
 Madi of coarse won't let any one do anything with out her showing she can keep up.
 Autumn was busy running back and forth over the bridge until she almost fell.
 After park time we headed down to the river to throw rocks in which the girls told the boys they would beat them to the water. The boys however took a short cut in an attempt to beat the girls and......
 the victory dance for taking the short cut and beating the girls. Right in the middle of throwing rocks all of the sudden Madi starts bawling and yelling that she lost her bracelet in the river.
After getting her to explain the story to me, I look as hard as I can and sure enough about 12-15 feet out is Madi's blue beaded bracelet. As I claim to her that they are gone and we will have to find her a new bracelet Colby pleads with me to let him rescue the bracelet. I told him to find a long stick first which he couldn't and he continued to plead with me to just let him rescue it. I gave in, who am I to stop a boy from being a gentleman?! We hiked up his pant legs, took off his socks and shoes and off he went.

 He didn't realize you are supposed to hold onto your pant legs as well as push your sleeves up before putting your hand in the water. OOPS!
 What a hero! Madi was so excited and thankful and Colby, well he was now wet and cold. I took him up to the van and thankfully had packed jammies for everyone to change into if it was late. He got dry and warm. Chivalry isn't dead, at least in my boy it isn't!
 Oh yes, this is out of order but in between the park and the river rock excursion, we crossed the bridge and went to Kentucky to take a picture just because we could and to say we did. We had a fun day in the beautiful weather. After all this, it was lunch time and Rodney was done taking care of business so we walked down Main St. and went to have lunch at Hinkles......YUM!
They have the best mini burgers I've ever had! Oh, and no Rodney wasn't having all 6 of these him self, only half were his and half mine.

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