Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have wanted one of these for quite a long time.

I have admired grapevine trees on many people porches for quite a long time and have really wanted to have one of my own however I really wasn't to excited or willing to pay the expensive prices for one. Patience pays off I tell you! My girlfriend Christine gave me a call this past weekend to let me know of some grapevine that she was being given and invited me to take some. I was besides myself! Monday after I picked up the kids from school we all headed to her house to pull the vines from a pile of of sticks, shrubs and more yard stuff. While most of the kids were entertained with trying to pull Christine's weeds, we wrapped up the vines into bungles and loaded some in her truck to take to my house. I had all intentions of starting my project Tuesday but after getting the vines home, the kid's homework done and dinner, I was out the back door and to work I went.

Here is a few bundles of my treasure!

My sweet Colby was kind enough to snap a picture of me at work.

So close and I ran out of grapevine. I was very bummed! Christine checked up on me the next day and when I told her she insisted I come grab some more bundles and that I did.

This is my finished tree. He looks like he leans and has a bit of a look like he is twisted, and this is all what I LOVE about him. He now proudly sits upon my porch and I am so excited! Can't wait to help Christine with hers.

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Mrs Sling said...

He looks great and I am so excited to get mine done too!! Hugs!